people who own cats, come on it

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  1. Does your cat drink out of the toilet? Mine seems to like that water more than his nice clean bowl water :nono:
  2. NO KITTY THATS A BAD KITTY!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I'd suggest getting some Bitter Apple or some other bitter anti-chewing chemical for pets, and putting some in the toilet water. It should cure your kitty of drinking out of it real quick.
  4. never cought my cat doin that
  5. I dont mind if my cat drinks out of the toilet as long as he flushes. He backwashes you know.
  6. :lol: I dont care if he drinks out of it... hell its not like I have to so he can do whatever he wants to. I just found it amusing because I've never known a cat to do that.
  7. My cat does this too, when i catch it drinking out of the toilet i sneak up and flush the toilet and my cat goes running.

  8. Im calling PETA.
  9. My cat runs to the faucet after I get out of the shower, catches the drops coming out. I got her one of those waterfall water bowls, constant flowing knda thing, seems to like it. cats are goofy creatures

  10. :nonono: :nonono: :puke:
  11. :mad: :nono: BAN HIM! ^^^^^
  12. My girlfriend's cat doesn't drink out of the toilet, but she sure has some weird preferences :nonono:

  13. :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:

    "come" on it :nonono:
  14. These aren't my cats, but these pics are pretty funny. Some of you may have seen them before.

    My cat loves to drink out of the toilet. He even learned to lift the lid to get to the water. I don't get it. He loves the bathtub too. Not taking a bath, but if someone is in the shower, he will be there waiting for you to get out. He is more like a dog than a cat. Does tricks and everything. They are too smart for our good.

    First pic is my cat, the rest are from the net....




  15. :lol: at that last picture! I need to teach my cat how to do that.
  16. My GF's cat is a strange one as well he acts more like a dog than a cat. he prefers the company of our 2 dogs than another cat-we brought a kitten home to see how they(animals) would be with it the dogs could care less, that mean ol SOB damn near ripped the kittens head off.
  17. lol my cat does the same shower thing, he just sits by the window and waits till I get out. He waits for me to come back from school\work, he even opened my door once when it was closed !
  18. My cat is trained like a dog... When it has to do its business, it sits at the door until you let it outside, then comes back when its done. Ocassionaly you can find him laying in the bathtub, but always moves before I have a chance to turn the water on :(