people with autority and how they love powertripping!

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  1. just wanted to gather everyones thoughts on imature people with authority that love powertripps!

    whether it be cops, administrators/mods of stangnet, bosses, administraters/mods of stangnet, washed up security gaurds who take their jobs way to seriously, or just administraters/mods of stangnet!!! :notnice:
  2. old news lol
  3. I am guessing this in reference to me...
    I am also guessing it is regards to my response to a personal attack on a SN staff member.

    Keep a note for your records.

    Don't ask me to help you when someone here attack you.

    Everyone else I will be glad to help. But since you see my standing up for someone as a power trip, you will be excluded from my assistance. I would hate for you to be a hypocrite by asking me to "power trip" on your behalf.
  4. My old boss is this cheap Mexican guy that literally came across the border about 10 years ago. He treated me like dog crap, and would scare me into doing things.

    He wondered why things kept getting screwed up all the time.

    A little shakespeare for the crowd.

    O' tis a wonderful thing to have the strength of a giant, but it is tyrannous to use it like one.
  5. I'm just as unhappy about the new setup of our forum as everyone else is....

    but many more threads do we need that **** about sh**, get over it, the mods are here for a reason, live with it, I'm tired of havin my time wasted with thread after thread of "Oh my **** hurts because stangnet is making me mad..."

    sorry to sound like an *******, I'm usually pretty nice on here, but this sh** it getting old
  6. :lol:

    I agree for the most part, this site's still way better than the other ones out there.
  7. Yeah its all pretty dumb.. BUT what that new moderator guy's idea of a personal attack is "If you dont like the thread then dont look at it or reply to it." Which was said by me to another member..So just to set the story straight, the one who was butt-hurt to begin with was 95GTS_SC . He is the one who went crying to the moderators when I told him to not read a thread he wasnt interested in. Just wanted to let you guys know.
  8. Damn, someone need a hug?? Or maybe a tissue since there crying like a 2 yr old.
  9. There is a very simple solution to any problem you may have on the boards.

    If you don't like it........go somewhere else.
  10. :nonono:
  11. tylers65 just needs to mellow before he has a heart attack...
  12. the admins and mods on these boards have gotten way out of hand! someone needs to put a stop to them before something bad happens.

    :D j/k
  13. At least Vib is still cool :D

    +10 brownie points for super302 :)
  14. Gee you got an extra forum and the "mods" who can't create, move or change the forums, are nazis. I can show you Nazi....teh ban stick comes out, and NO POST FOR YOU!!!!

    Remember a few years back when there was no 94-95 specific forum at all? Yeah, me, and Vibe and a select few others made it happen, so quitcher****in.
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