People with primered cars, post pics

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  1. Can anyone with who has their car primered post pics. Im going to have my 67 coupe primered soon and Im debating about having it done in gray or black. Im leaning towards the black primer look but Im not sure yet. Thanks.
  2. I think the deciding factor is what color you are going to paint the car. If a light color, go with light grey. If dark color, go with black. If red, go with red.
  3. Here is a picture of my black epoxy skeleton of a 67 fastback. (check out my signature link)
  4. Thanks for the reply, but your album is private.
  5. as far as using red primer goes, that stuff went the way of drum brakes. red oxide was most likely lacquer, and most (make that all) reputable body shops use urethanes, and epoxy primers nowadays. dupont has a system called valueshade, whereas all colors can be undercoated with 7 shades of grey, ranging from a greyish white, to an almost black. the valueshade for sonic blue is #6, so it is not the darkest, but almost. the best thing for you to do, if you plan on painting directly over this primer, is go to a bodyshop supply house, give them the paint code you plan on using,( or one that is close) and find out what the valueshade is. have your primer mixed as close as you can to this value shade, and go from there.
  6. I agree with Chromedog
  7. How bout this? Gray is $1.98 rattel can paint. All other parts and colors are from supplier that color. :rolleyes:


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  8. Sorry about the private setting on my album. The link below should work now.
  9. Um, below what?
  10. Geostang351, I've seen that picture before and I like that car, I really like the wheels. We are all striving to restore our cars, however, as one guy pointed out to me, if you build it to good, you'll be too afraid to drive it. A part of me loves cars like your's, because they're driven.:nice:
  11. Mine is now one color, as of last night.


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  12. Here's my black 2-part epoxy primer that eventually turned gray, washed off with the rain, and rubbed off on anyone that leaned on it less than 2 years later. What a waste of $120. The spots I touched up with a Rustoleum spray bomb are still there.

    Every time I see these pics I can't believe my car used to look that good.:(

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  13. Ron.. What brand epoxy primer did you use?
  14. Transtar. I have used their other products such as filler primers with good results. A friend's body shop uses mostly Transtar products which is why I ordered it through them.