Roush People's Choice Show with Steve Saleen at Mustangs Northwest Roundup - Sun, 7/19/2009

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  1. Steve Saleen will be at the People's Choice Show sponsored by SOEC on Sunday, July 19 as the last day of events of Mustangs Northwest Roundup 2009.

    Registration is $20 at the gate -- gates open at 7:30 a.m. and close at 9:00 a.m. The show runs all day. Arrive early to park with your fellow Saleen owners and to spend the day with Steve.

    Held at Bellevue College, this event is the "World's Largest Gathering of Mustangs" and, and looks to be the largest gathering of Saleen vehicles of the summer!

    Steve Saleen will preside over the Saleen class with trophies sponsored by the Saleen Owners and Enthusiasts Club. Autograph sessions will also be held, and Steve will also sign Saleens entered and parked with the class.

    As always, all Saleen vehicles are welcome in the Saleen class -- not just Mustangs.

    For more information, please visit
  2. Corrected.:nice:

    I beleive the Saleen Nationals are the largest gathering of Saleens in the world every year. period.

    The 45th will probably be the second largest this year. 35+ Saleens.
  3. Sorry Mike, but the Round-Up pulls about 50 Saleens every year. Not as many as Nationals, but far more than the 45th did.

    The proper link for more information has always been
  4. There has been over 50 Saleens at every SCOA National Show, with 84 at last years event.

  5. I don't care how many show up, I'm just looking forward to a great show as always!!

    I do believe however, that the SCOA Nationals, coming up in 2 weeks in Castle Rock Co. will be the largest gathering of Saleen's this summer period!!!!!

    Plan to be there people, you don't want to just read about it, plan to be part of it!

    Oh and, Jim D. see you on sunday, will you be bringing your little buddy Dave along for the ride, I do hope so!
  6. Here's a slideshow of most of the Saleens at Round-Up. There were a total of 50.


    Jim D., it was nice to meet you today.
  7. Same here!

    By the way, if you didn't count Lois' Damerow car that was parked in the SSP class, the count would have been 51 Saleens.
  8. At Knott's we had 48 Saleens registered.
  9. James, I have recounted them from the pics I took and it looks like not all of the preregistered ones made it, there were some open spaces. It does look close to that if you include the ones that were not parked in the Saleen area though.

    Still it was a great showing of Saleens, and all of and any Saleen showing, no matter how many, is a great experience.

    It's still going to be hard to top the 84+ in Indiana last year including being able to see one of the 84's from Stu's collection.
  10. For those who weren't there, here's a photo of our booth...


    Next year this event will be part of a MCA Grand National show, so plan ahead now for July 16-18, 2010.