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  1. Ok, so here's the deal...

    I'm a 19 year old college student with a '93 LX Hatchback. 2.3L all the way baby ;)

    here's my dilemma:

    I can easily get a 5.0 in my car, no problem at almost no cost, because of some friends that have left overs from their own experiences, but I really can't afford the difference in fuel economy, because it's a 30 mile drive to school every day, one-way. so that's at least 60 miles\day I gotta be driving. cutting my fuel economy by 50-60% would really put the hurt on my wallet.

    so im just looking for simple, cheap-ish ways to better what I already have. problem is, I don't really know where to begin...I've never done much in the way of work under the hood before, I stick mostly to body work and interior mods.

    if anyone has any suggestions on where to start\places to look for the parts I need, i'd really appreciate it if you could email them to me here:

    [email protected]

    and put the word "mustang" in the subject if you could...that way I can filter it to a folder where I can find it (too much junkmail in my email =\)

    I'd prefer to be able to do the work myself to cut out installation costs, so the simpler the better, but racing is what my family is all about, so if I needed help, it's actually pretty readily available, so it doesn't have to be like...super-idiot easy. just simple enough that i won't have to more or less have someone else do it completely ;)

    Thanks, any and all help is\will be much appreciated.

  2. also, as a side-note...anyone have any idea what I would expect to get a new driverside door for my LX?

    some jerk in the school parking lot broadsided me and ran off, leaving me with a destroyed door and no information about him so I can get him for repair im more or less stuck getting a new door\getting it painted with my own pocketcash...

  3. find a local junk yard, im sure they are readily availble. if you like the fuel milage of the 2.3 but want the power of a 5.0...and can "easily swap" a motor in, put in a 2.3Turbo motor can be pulled a local junk yard and easly rebuilt. Do a search, read through turbo articles here, and feel free to ask any questions that may arise after have tried to search for them (basic forum unwritten rule)...btw welcome!
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  7. 5.0's dont get that much worse gas milage....Before I bumped the timing I was getting 27mpg on the highway if I kept my foot out of it. This was with a 5spd though. Just stick with the stock 2:73 gears and keep it at 10 or 11' timing and it wont effect your gas milage that much.
  8. Yeah, I realized I put it in the wrong spot a second after I mistake, sorry ;)

    mines a '93 LX Hatchback, 5-spd manual.
  9. How do you adjust the Timing on the DIS DP 2.3L ?
  10. Electronically.....Im sure you can have a custom chip burnt for you or Im pretty sure MSD has an electronic ignition for the DIS 2.3. I think it was about $250 or so for it.
  11. There's an adjustable cam sprocket made by Esslinger, I think AdamJ has one.

  12. I have a ?

    I have a 1990 mustang hatchback 2.3L. is it possible to do a motor swap and place a svo 2.3L turbo??????????? help please!!!????!!!!
  13. Yes, and if you are able to do a search then you are able to find the info to do it ;)

  14. just throwing this out there..... but when I had my 89 GT 5 spd vert she managed 28mpg on the highway... which beat my auto 2.3 best of 24mpg highway... both were recorded from 70mph crusing....
  15. I swear I posted this already. :scratch: You had 2.73's in the GT (assuming you were stock) compared to 3.73's in the 2.3...there's your mileage diff.

  16. Why ruin an SVO? Just buy one, don't swap. :shrug: :nonono:
  17. ya i have a friend with a 94GT (lightly modded 5.0) he gets decent mileage if he keeps a soft foot. 5.0s are awsome cars, and if you treat them right will give ok gasmilage (especialy on the freeway), but since i do ALOTof stop and go city driving, and i wear lead shoes, a 2.3 gets me where im going above 21mpg, no matter how i drive. Its all in choice and driving style...and the reason your 2.3 got only 24mpg is A: rear end gears B: its an a4ld! LMBO! :p
  18. If my stang takes 20 liter of gas/62miles.. is this supposed to be normal?Am I rolling too rich?

    If the answer to this question is yes.. so what can I do to help my car running less rich than now?

  19. eehh point is a V8's gas mileage isnt as bad as its made out to be. I managed 14.4's with 2.73 gearing in that car....