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  1. I have had my 2013 Mustang GT/CS for almost a year now. And, I absolutely love her. The sound, the looks I get in traffic from all the prius owners :p as well as the thumbs up from other mustang owners. But, there is one thing I more of.... POWER! Despite the 420 horses and 390 torques that give my pony a lot get up and go. Don't get me wrong power is way more then enough to have a little fun on the road ;) I just want my car to increase it potential.
    I want my car to remain stock on the exterior. More specifically keeping the tires and rims for the GT/CS.
    What can I do to increase my car's performance?
  2. go to any of the vendors websites that sponsor the forum, and just go for it.
  3. A good 93 octane tune and an offroad x-pipe makes a big difference on these cars. I ran 12.20 @ 116 basically stock in my 2011 5.0 with a 93 octane tune.
  4. Boost that sucka
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  5. I wouldn't know where to start on boosting my car. I have throwing around the idea of supercharging my car.
  6. What kind of power you looking for? You can get a decent kick in the pants with a good cold air intake and a re-tune. A supercharger is a lot of money and if you want to keep it stock looking wheels etc... its money spent to spin tires...... A LOT!!!
  7. I have stock power now. If it is possible I would like to see 500hp upped from the stock 420hp.
  8. ATI ProCharger for the WIN.
  9. You could look into the M-6066-MGT525D SC kit from Ford Racing, It is pricey however its clean looking underhood, top quality parts, upgradeable and its right at your HP target of 525HP at crank with some ground pounding torque. You could also achieve your HP gain by getting cold air intake, long tube headers and cam shafts however if you're going to pay for installation you're going to spend about 75% the cost of the SC kit so do the math before you leap into anything.
  10. it says that it is for a manual transmission only* there must be superchargers that work automatic transmissions
  12. I got a ported Eaton in my Lightning but, alot of guys use whipple,kennebell ,magnum powers also makes a monster one.
  13. did u hve to retune for the Xpipe ? normally I think if you mess with airintake or exaust then its a must. But MAYBE IT'S JUST SUPERCHARGED VEHICLES IT PERTAINS TOO.
  14. If you want to just put some basic mods I would go with a boss 302 or ford racing intake mani with throttle body for sure longtubes cai exhaust and a tune with some good lowering springs and shocks and struts, your build is for you and for what you want but realistically I believe what I stated will separate you from stock 5.0s for sure and if you really wanna get serious start looking into cams and boost:nice:
  15. If you don't retune with the off-road x-pipe, the computer will throw a check engine light because the rear O2 sensors don't show a change from the front O2s. You can disable that in the tune. That's what we did with my tune.
  16. Thanx, I don't know whats on the car just got it last year havn't had time to put it up in air for undercarraige look.
  17. If you just want 500rwhp, any supercharger will do. Pick one that fits in your budget. Do you plan on racing it? Any road course time in your future?
  18. THANX ! Looks like the GT 500 is what I would do for a kit from American Muscle.