Performance/Tuning shops in Miami?

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  1. Anyone know of some serious performance shops in Miami. I usually frequent Mak Performance in Hialeah, and they do great work! :hail2: I was just wondering if there were any others that people here might recommmend as well.

    Thanks. :SNSign:
  2. Try Razors Edge.
  3. I was also looking for a tuning shop. I just installed a H/C/I and wanted to get the car properly tuned.

    Razors Edge seems pretty hardcore, but they're in Margate. Does anyone know what happend to Crawford in MIami?
  4. Wow! i haven't heard that name in a looong time. Brought back some memories there. Back when even GAW Performance was heavy into doing stangs.

    I just came across a tel. # for a dyno tuning shop in the Doral area. I have only called them to get a price but I have delt with them at all.

    Lujan Motorsports
    1460 NW 78th Ave


    They have a dynojet according to the guy i spoke to on the phone.
    He gave me a rough ballpark number of $150 for an Hour's worth on tuning. Again, just ball park. Price could change. I may go visit them soon, to check it out. I will post any info I can get or results

    Anyone heard of or delt with them?

  5. Let me know how they work out for you. I know GAW does nothing but Diesel's now and MAK does good work, but they don't tune.
  6. Ronnie Crawford now works out of in Fort lauderdale.
    Propower Performance Parts, Inc.
    4750 N. Dixie Hwy - Suite 9
    Fort Lauderdale, FL 33334
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Phone (954) 491-6988 Fax (954) 491-2874