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  1. So...I've been out of the mustang game for about 4 yes now. I used to be part of the 4.6 side of stangnet. I picked up a95gt the other day with 161k miles on the car and 30k on the new crate motor installed by ford. I got it for $2300, and so far I put a new 5spd in it, and decided to add some extras, I installed a edelbrock upper and lower, 70mm elbow adapt, 70mm professional products TB, comp cams xe282hr cam, alum heads 190cc intake runners, 2.02/160 valves, scorpion 1.6 roller rockers, o/r h-pipe, and plan to have it tuned this weekend. My question is, is what type of numbers should I expect. A lot more then stock id hope. Thanks in advancce

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  2. What crate motor did you get and what cylinder head are the 190cc? If you were changing cylinder heads wouldn't have been cheaper to start with a short block vs buying the crate? Anyway I dunno 240-270 horse at the wheels maybe??
  3. I think he meant the car already had a new crate motor in it when he bought it.
  4. ha yeah after re-reading makes more since. T'was late