Engine Performed cranks but no start checklist and no joy. Help


Jul 22, 2011
A9P setup.
Cranks but no start.
No spark.
No injector pulse.

Performed following tests...

PIP - Tested pip with LED and it blinks on crank. EDIT: Well now the PIP isn't pulsing. Crap. Maybe intermittent. Gonna grab a new PIP and see what happens.
Swapped TFI and shot all TFI wires with EEC removed.
16 continuity to 60pin
4 to 60 pin with 22k ohms
IGN run w/12v
IGN crank w/12v
36 continuity to 60 pin
56 continuity to 60 pin

Coil has 12v at red and green wires on run.
Test light does NOT blink when connected to red and green wires at coil on crank.

Swapped 4 computers but honestly they could all be bad.

What else can we test just short of getting a new PCM?

We have these unknown computers but dang it's hard to accept that all three are bad.

A9L : Fuel pump runs constantly but CEL works
A9P : No CEL light on Key On but pump does do self test
A9P: No CEL light on Key on but pump does do self test.
Unknown reman : Good FP test, good CEL, good KOEO codes.
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Jul 22, 2011
The PIP was bad. Brand new sadly. I hate chasing my tail because of crappy parts.
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