personalized car tag ideas

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  1. i wan to get a personalized car tag for my new mustang conv. please give me any ideas. I have soooo many too hard to choose from.
  2. Only an opinion about personalized plates (tags) if in your state you own the plate for ever and it goes to the next car, maybe think of something that is not related to the car itself. For example 05STANG would look really silly on a 07 Bimmer. I used my name and got "WYLDEMN"

    Having said all that, my wife and I saw "Hidalgo" the movie and she is already refering to my 05 (or maybe 06) Stang vert as Hidalgo. That was one hell of a Mustang in that movie and it was based on a true story. Amazing animal.
  3. Since I am tagging the II as a classic to get around the emissions testing no personalized plate for me there so the new stang will get it

    New II :D :p
  4. How about "USA ICON"
  5. My favorite for convertibles is "SPF 0" or "SPF ZERO". But for a Mustang, how about "SNY PNY" (Sunny Pony)??
  6. I'll get one of the following:


  7. How bout these...
    QTRHRSE (1/4 mile car)
    II FAST (74-78)
    1 FAST II (74-78)
    SNKBITE (Cobras)
    717MPH (Mach 1) only the wiz kids and engineers will get this one...
    BLTBLIT (Built Bullit)
    and... You can use this one cept in Utah, where it's taken heh heh..
  8. One that's on my car has nuthing to do with mustangs but as you might have guessed by my sign my mustang has RMBR911 on the plate
  9. I went for the mustang specific. MY05GT.
    Just went to the Michigan secretary of state yesterday and got it ordered (before all the good ones get gobbled up).
    There is only one problem. You have to register it to a car. My 66 already has the one I want. My wife won't let me put it on her car, so all I have left is my beater '93, 4 door chevy Lumina. My 16 year old said I am going to look like a dork with that plate. But it will be worth the wait when I get it on MY05GT.
  10. please share your fav mustang themed plate ideas. i'm in california and am going to get the usa flag plate that says at the bottom we will never forget. i would like either a tribute to 9/11 or a salute to the new 05 stang. this is a six digit plate and MY05GT is not available, neither is 091101. HELP!
  11. Does your Secretary of state have a web site where you can plug in different
    combos to see what is available? If so, just sit down and start pluggin away.

    Heres some I can think of off the top of my head.

    USA911 - 911USA


    Good luck
  12. thanks for your input. they're all taken except for gtstng and 05stng. does it seem/sound too much like sting?
  13. Vanity Plates

    Mine is my handle, HOSSPOWR. I wanted NOCORRAL, LONEROAN (red horse), or 461UPD8 (Software Update). Check out this link for ideas.
  14. Got my plate yesterday.


    I had to stick it on my Lumina. It looks rather odd.
    Now all I need is an '05 GT to go with it.