personalized car tag ideas

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by DRCKISS, May 11, 2004.

  1. I don't like them because they are way too easy to be noticed and remembered. :)
  2. Yup. I don't plan on committing any crimes...but in the event that I do or am in the wrong place at the wrong time (young puerto rican male in a black sports car...not too hard ;))...I would like it to be harder for my plates to be noticed ;)
  3. I have thought about personalized plates over the years. I compare them to tatoos. I can't think of anything cool enough to go on the car (or my skin) that I won't think is lame later down the road. I like the DMV's random hiccup of letters and numbers best. Is that strange :shrug: ???
  4. That's exactly what I think too. I know I would get sick of any plate I got, same with tatoo's (which is why I don't have one). I'll just take whatever plate they give me and be on my merry little way. I'll stand out enough just by the fact that I live in a city with a population 170,000 and out of that many people, I doubt there will be too many windveil (or sonic) blue '05 stangs with a good-lookin girl at the wheel :D

  5. That's gonna be an AWESOME sight!!! :nice:
  6. Same with me, I dont care about the plate... i liv ein RI.. small population lol the fact that im going to get an 05 will be enough... people will be like wtf is that? :shrug:
  7. why thank you, ;)
    I forgot to mention the interior upgrade package (I'm talking about the dash accents, not the red leather bucket seats . . ick IMO)

    What I'm trying to say (to get back on topic) is that there's a million things you can do to personalize your stang, why bust your brain trying to think of a witty personalized plate that you might get tired of? :shrug:
  8. It will also be a fun toy to bring around college and harass 99% percent of the college population which drives honda accords/civics :rlaugh: ... and rices them out... even some kid with a stang v6 riced his all out.. what a disgrace. On a brighter note there is one person with a Black GT 01' .. and its the loudest ive ever herd. :flag:
  9. Actually, the car population at my University isn't that bad, one morning i pull into the parking lot and what do i happen to see? an open spot beside 4 other mustangs. :nice: It was like there was a sign that said "cool cars only, all others will be towed"
    but yes there are still a ton of ricers, but they usually splurge and pay for the electric stalls. Poor out-of-towners can't handle -40 weather :shrug: . . .wussies
  10. :lol: