Pertonix Ignitor I Question

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  1. My wife bought me a Pertronix distributor with the Ignitor I installed and a Flamethrower coil for Christmas. Now that the NY winter is almost over I want to install it. 1967 Mustang, 289, 2v. Some questions:

    1) They sold her the Flamethrower II coil. I think that's wrong and not a match for the Ignitor I. I believe the resistance is too low on the II coil. Am I correct? I would think the vendor would have known this.
    2) When I read the instructions or watch installation videos, it shows a plastic magnetic ring that gets pushed down over the distributor cam. Mine didn't come with that. She bought the distributor with the ignitor already installed but I think that magnetic ring should be there. Correct?
    3) I have read differing opinions on weather or not to hook the red wire to the + side of the coil or to a switched 12v source. What is the recommended way? I only want to do the installation once and don't want to damage the module. This has to do with the need to bypass or not bypass the resistor wire.

    For those of you who have installed the Ignitor I, how did you wire it and how long has it provided uninturrupted service?

    Thank you in advance for answers to any or all of my questions.
  2. She got them at CJ Pony Parts. I will be calling them and Pertronix tomorrow. I just started the Mustang for the first time since putting her away for the Winter last November. Drove arond the circle then changed the oil. I want to get the new distributor in to see if there is much improvement over points.
  3. Better starts, cleaner idle, the electronic ignition is one of the best upgrades we can do for these old cars.
    In the link I included are the instructions for the igniter, and it shows how to wire the system.
    Double check your part number, I just grabbed the first one here.
    It does look like they would rather have you use the 40K volt coil.

    System is designed for use with most point-type coils, optimal performance achieved when used with our Flame-Thrower® 40,000 volt coil.

    I don't think it will not work, with the coil you got.
  4. Ok, I called CJ and the tech rep said my Ignitor I would work fine with the Flamethrower II coil. I asked if he had ever installed any Pertronix and he said he hadn't. I wasn't convinced so I called Pertronix tech support and their rep was more knowledgable (as I would expect). He said altough my Ignitor I would work with the Flamethrower II, it would work better with the correct Flamethrower I coil. So, I called CJ's back and requested an exchange and sent the Flamethrower II for a Flamethrower I. He also clarified the wiring situation for me. I need to run a new wire to the ignition switch for a full 12v switched feed to the module (red wire). I will essentially replace the existing wire from the switch to the + side of the coil. I will install the new distributor this weekend and do the wiring but I will have to wait for the new coil to come before I can run the car. They won't send the new coil until they receive my returned coil. I will report back with my success after the job is done.
  5. The mission is complete. I pulled the old, worn distributor out and installed the new Pertronix distributor. I ran a 16 gauge wire from the green/red wire from the ignition switch to the + side of the coil. I ran the Ignitor red wire to the + side of the coil and black wire to the - side of the coil. I put the distributor to about the center of its travel and it fired up. I adjusted timing by ear and took it for a spin to get it up to temp. Took it home, hooked up the timing light and tach, and set the timing to 6 BTDC, then bumped it a few degrees for good measure. Took it back out and gave it a little workout. Seems to run stronger longer. It didn't make it into a fire breather but I do notice some improvement.
  6. Nice work but you can also widen your spark plug gap if you like. I wound up running mine at .44 with no problems.
  7. Also, watch that new 12v wire you ran. Pertronix recommends a 12 gauge wire, which is a larger diameter, to handle the additional current draw and distance required. Running a gauge wire that's too small could cause the wire to melt or the Ignitor to malfunction. I calculated the size wire required for my Ignitor 1 with Flamethrower 1 coil and, based on the current and distance, a 14 gauge wire would also work; Pertronix just conservatively recommends the 12 gauge. The 16 gauge wire's limit is about 7 feet.