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Breed Specific Legeslation banning pits:

  1. NEVER, my pets are family

    8 vote(s)
  2. No, even though I don't own any banned dogs

    10 vote(s)
  3. No, personal choice

    3 vote(s)
  4. Yes, ban the dogs, they hurt people

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  1. Well, I've been playing on myspace for a while. most of the younger generation folks know this craze. Anyway, I have a question for everyone, and I plan to post a poll on it.

    Ok, So, this is a multi part question:

    Who here has had, has, knows a person who has/had a pit bull? Were you guys aware that in some places these dogs are being destroyed simply for being the breed they are? some people are truly niave.

    So, about this breed specific legeslation stuff: for or against?
  2. I have not done much research or reading on Pit Bulls, however I had a neighbor a number of years ago that had two in a fairly small townhouse. They were very good dogs. I think the majority of the problem is that people are Breeding them for their agression and for fighting, then conditioning them to be even more aggressive by abusing them and beating them and so on. By the time many humane societies get to these dogs they are damaged beyond repair, and there is no choice but to put them down. I think the people that do this to the dogs need to be put through the same treatment and then forced into fights to the death.
  3. This type of legislation appears out of ignorance. Pit Bulls where bred to fight thats a given. They are also a very loyal dog when socialized correctly. I own two breeds of the breeds that typically get pointed at to get banned, pits and rottis. Both dogs are therapy dogs and love children and especially going to the old folks homes. Heck, when the Oklahoma city got bombed there was a search and resuce rotti that had to get permission from the govener just to do her job because that breed was banned in the city! These dogs are like any other dog in that you have to be the leader and not let them lead you. They are both a stuborn dog but once trained are very smart and very loving. You just have to be the boss end of story. My rotti has his head on my leg right now as I wright this.
  4. thats funny somebody voted to ban them but couldn't post a reason why.
  5. When raised correctly, they are great dogs- I have several friends that own them-
  6. I've grown up around pitbulls. They're one of my favorite breeds of dogs and I'd love to have another one some day. They're incredibly sweet when raised properly and not abused/neglected. I'm sure my basset hound has shown more aggression than my best friend's pitbull (unless you consider getting beat with a happy, wagging tail aggression - then the pit wins :)).

    Having said that, I do, to an extent, agree with mandating registration, limits, and minor fees for owning them (but definitely not outright banning). Not because I think they're evil dogs and people need to be protected from them, but more to protect the dogs and help keep them out of the hands of the wrong people.

    If someone is running a dog fighting ring, you really think they're going to register & pay fees for their dogs? And chances are they're going to have more than 1 or 2 dogs. So if anything it should make it easier to confiscate the dogs, press charges, and shut things down. Whereas right now, I'm pretty sure investigators almost have to actually interrupt a fight in order to get someone for dog fighting.

  7. I have a rottie, she's a great dog. A friend of ours house sits when we go on vacation and his 5 year old daughter comes over and plays with her. Break into my house, another story-come in invited and she might lick you to death. Someone I work with has a pit, a family pet that is very protective of her daughter and her, but completely wonderful as a pet. And soo cute!! A poodle can bite someone, it just wouldnt make the news because they arent "agressive" breeds....
  8. "Vicious Poodle attack, story at 6"

  9. i don't agree with any kind of legislation against any breed of dog, but i do agree with legislation banning breeding/participation in dogs for fighting purposes. i have a lot of friends that have owned or now own pits, rotties, dobies and other "aggressive" dogs. one of our old babysitters had an 8 yr old rottie that weighed over 100 lbs. and she was a great dog even with my then 2 year old daughter.
  10. Im a Read Meters for a electric company and cover a lot of area in southeast Oklahoma. Every other house has a pit/pit mix, and 75% of them would tear you apart if they got the chance.
  11. Let me guess, they are in a fenced yard out somewhere where they are left outside with no interaction Or on a chain barking their heads off? You also are not known to the animal so why should it allow you onto their territory? Just because you have to read the meter means nothing to a dog. A 15 pound poodle that is left out side in its "territory" will do the same but you don't do anything about it because its "kick able". My meter readers where the same way as you, ignorant to the dog. I happened to be home one day and showed them how none aggressive they are and haven't had a problem since.
  12. Chelle in doing this your only punishing the people who take care of their dogs not really doing anything to those that aren't. Your right, a guy breeding them for fighting won't pay the fee but then again the charge for that would more than likely not be worth the paper work. On the other hand it keeps good dogs out of good hands. It would also make them seen as "bad" dogs because you have to have a permit to have them. Its like banning guns, you really think murders care, no but the people that they attack can't defend themselves anymore because you have disarmed them.
  13. Actually most of them arent in fences but chained up.I have no problems with the dogs, the company i work for does though. If I go into a yard with a pitt I get three days off with no pay. Also 50% of those pitts are in yards whose owners dont need dogs.. They have them to keep people out so nobody can see what they are doing. Southeastern oklahoma is a very poor area so most of the people who have pitts also grow and manufactor things they should not. They also fight the dogs. They have the dogs for show. To make themselves look Cool. My wifes friend has a pitt in her yard and it bit her 4 year old neice in the face. it would have done more if her husband want home.
  14. So your blaming a chained up dog? Now don't get me wrong, I'm not attacking you or anything in the like but don't say ban the breed because ass clowns that don't take car of them have them. Ban the owners from ever having dogs period. What if that dog that bit your neice had been a great dane or bull mastiff? If that had been the case I doubt your neice would still be here. Large breed dogs need to understand who is that master and no I don't meen beat the crap out of them but as puppies make them understand that its not their way its your way and thats it period!

    Again, don't blame the breed blame the owner. A standard poodle can be just as dangerous. I've seen them trained as guard dogs because nobody expects the fluffy thing to be able to do anything but its the same animal, just diffrent cloths.
  15. If you ban the breed then the owners cant have the dog to get people or other animals get hurt or may not be the dog but without the dog theres not a problem.. Also poodle dont have the 2500 to 3000 lbs of bite force in there jaws like pitts..
  16. I've trained many dogs over the past 9 years. I can safely say that I will not own or allow a Chow or Pit Bull into my home or in any of my properties. This is based on my experiance and education that these breeds tend to trigger unexpectedly (typically as older dogs= 5+ years of age) and attack without regard of person or circumstance.

    I agree that certain breeds have gotten a bad rap, and an outright banning will not work as expected. Training of an animal is largely due to consistancy, love, and work of their owners. Training only goes so far before natural instinct kicks in.

    Due to my experiance training animals and the breeds, I will not ever have a Bit Bull, Chow, Wolf Hybrid, Akita, or any yippy dogs.

  17. I didn't mean like a $500 fee or anything like that. I was thinking more along the lines of a $50 or $100 fee. I would be perfectly okay with paying that to keep a pitbull. Heck, most animal shelters charge that much or more for someone to adopt an animal (any animal).

  18. what dog needs 2500-3000 lbs of force to kill a child or rip a throat out? I'm just useing poodles as examples but any large breed dog is more than capable. I guess your anti gun as well? Because you know if you ban the gun bad guys can't get guns either :rolleyes:
  19. But your still making the pit/rotti/so called "dangerous" breeds have a worse stigma because you have to get a permit to have them. I would gladly pay 500$ just to have a dog but it needs to be any dog not just a certain breed. :nice:
  20. what about German shepards, Danes, Mastiffs, dobies, if your going to ban the fighting dogs you need to ban the guard dogs as well. Then we all can be happy with our poodles. No oboebrian I'm not saying you said ban them. I'm more than happy with anybodies opinion to not own a certain breed but don't say that certain breeds are going to snap persay. They are dogs do things that dogs see wrong and wrong things happen. These are not people you can't tell them that the meter reader that they have never meet that is comeing over later is a good guy but the robber at midnight is the one you want to bite.