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Breed Specific Legeslation banning pits:

  1. NEVER, my pets are family

    8 vote(s)
  2. No, even though I don't own any banned dogs

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  3. No, personal choice

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  4. Yes, ban the dogs, they hurt people

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  6. protecting territory. plain and simple. some ass trained these dogs to be overagressive in the protection of their territory. Pit don't "turn" at all. they simply react according to the training and attention they have recieved.

    Latigo was going crazy when I got back to Yuma after being gone for over a year. Since I lived at that house for over a year and helped raise that pup, it took him a minute but he remembered me and all he wanted was petted. And heelers are generally a little worse in tempermant than pit acording to ATTS.
  7. its true dogs act up when scared..
    but i remember a few years ago my neigbors dog got lose came into my yard the winter,,chased my cat through deep never had a chance..killed it deader than hell...and came back looking for i said also..i love dogs them alot,have a blast having them follow me around..but some enjoy killing or biting.. and some people act like animals and go out and kill dogs for i dont blame the dogs totally
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    Just what I figured. You know how many medicines have been produced from venom? You know how many rat infestations have been caused from rattlesnake round ups? Na, I bet you don't.

    I'm going to stop because I evidently can't compete with your superior intelligence.
  14. bnickel, sorry about that, don't know how that happened.
  15. I say if they bite then put them down on a case by case basis, no need to be breed specific.

    My resoning:
    My dad had a german shepard when I was younger. I went to visit (parents were divorced) the dog bit me and almost took my knee off as soon as I got out of the car. My dad tied him up that night. The next morning I walked out and the dog almost took his own head off when he ran out of chain, he was trying to get at me again. My dad walked back inside and got his old service revolver and took the dog out back in the woods. He loved it and it was his only friend at the time but he said that he wouldn't have a dog that didn't like kids. That is the only dog that has ever bit me. I like dogs but do not currently own any. I've had to put a few wild ones down because they kept harassing our cows but that is about it. I stand behind my dad's reasoning still. I don't care how attached I am to a dog, if he bites then he gets put down.

  16. it's cool. i just didn't want you to think that was me saying that.

  17. what about warning bites? you know the kind where the dog just kind of snaps your hand but doesn't break the skin or any bones or anything. just a hey man leave me alone kind of warning bite.

    my dog has bitten my daughter like that twice and the little boy next door that throws rocks at him and douses him with the water hose and kicks at him. noe of those times has the dog ever hurt them, just scared the crap out of 'em. every time he was being tormented by the kids and if you ask me they deserved it. i've told them both hundreds of times to leave him alone.

    he wouldn't ever actually hurt them he doesn't even clamp down just a little snap to warn them to back off and then he'd go hide under the bed.

    he is by no means a mean dog he just like being jacked with. so now whenever the kid next door comes over the dog goes in our bedroom. my daughter is smart enough now that she doesn't agitate the dog anymore. as far as the kid nest door he is a little butthole. he bit my wife once because she wouldn't let him undo his seatbelt when we were in the car coming back from 4th of july fireworks. i tanned his little ass for that. and i don't know how many times i've got him throwing rocks, or kicking dirt or spraying my dog with the water hose. i thin next time i catch him throwing rocks at the dog i'm gonna bean him in the head with one.

    so anyway back to the question does a warning snap that doesn't hurt constitute putting a dog down? not in my eyes it doesn't, if the person deserves it. now if he bit someone for no reason whatsoever or drew blood or broke a bone or something i'd be the first to have him put down, but not for a warning snap.
  18. A little snap at your hand isn't a bite IMO. As far as the neighbors kid tormenting the dog, that would fall into the case by case basis. The kid probably needs to be put At least taught to respect animals. I see no problem defending yourself if provoked, dog or human.
  19. yeah, some people don't see it that way though. i have been bitten by a couple of dogs. i wouldn't necessarily say that i deserved to be bitten but in each case i was probably invading the dogs territory. none was serious and didn't really bother me. minor puncture wounds that just required some peroxide and some neosporin, no biggie. so i guess i see things a little different than most people. warning bites or snaps are exactly that warnings. if you're dumb enough to not heed the warning then you deserve whatever you get.
  20. I think the case by case basis thing depends too on who is making the determination. When I was a kid, I had a Standard Dachshound. HE was a great dog in most case and I could do pretty much anything to him. but there were a few times where I tormented him to the point he bit me. I would say that I deserved it, because I was right in his face that he was able to snap my face.

    Like any other species dogs will defend themselves when provoked.