1. well i just re-read my registration notice, I dont have to smog this year!!!! I was sweating bullets thinking of all the loose ends i hafta tie up to pass the referee + california visual +california evil strict smog laws....BUT not this year! whohoo!

    Ps: my car is a sleeper again, it has exhuast on it! running open downpipe was fun....for a week. Now time for killing rice in the peace and quiet relaxing waves of a y-piped to dual 5.0 stock mufflers. :D
  2. I'd like someone to do a speelchek on "PHEWY" please.
  3. dang im a busy guy, no time for spell check. this afternoon after work i got busy on working on my exhuast. And of course in the turboford fashion i used whatever tubing laying around to make my bends,turns, phlanges etc...modified a 2000 MAC v6 y-pipe to fit under my car, then used a stock 94GT catback (its a take off, cut at the top of the rear axle). So now my

    exhuast = stinger 3inch dp -->catco 3inch cat-->3 inch tubing to 2.5-Y-->94GT catback,dumped,rear axle. YAY!

    After i was done with that, i pulled out the window-weather stripping (the one that always cracks and brakes off in the upper corner where the window rolls up). I replaced both windows stripping with newer stripping that i pulled from the junkyard (my toy store!).

    Conclusion- My car is wierd to drive, its quiet...fast..and no wind noise in the car when the windows are up!!!! (thats a first for me outa the 4 years i had it)

    -Downside- now that its quiet in my car i can hear that my speedo gear is going out...griding and rattling behind hte speedo! dang.

    -Upside- Burned a honda hatch back tonigh from a 30mph roll....mmmm rice. Wannabe's ;)

  4. -"FOOEY"(?)

    Spanky: "Hey Alfalfa, I just saw Darla at the soda fountain with Butch."

    Alfalfa: "Awwww, FOOEY!"
  5. :lock: