South West Phoenix Accident Avoidance car control clinic April 27

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  1. Got any kid brothers and sisters? Young neighbors? Man enough to admit you could learn a thing about high performance car control? :D Check out a local non-profit high-performance accident avoidance clinic I volunteer for:

    Last class before Fall is coming up Saturday April 27. It's a one-day deal out at Arizona Motorsports Park's vast lot, and the skills they/you learn in just that one day will transform your driving capabilities. Some testimonials:

    And this is why we do it:

    Fatality rates by age and position in the car


    Fatality rates by driver age:


    And a statistical analysis of accidents incurred by students trained in a program like this one, and accidents incurred by a control group, for 5 years after enrollment. . The Trained group was made up of students who completed the program. The Control group was made up of students who tried to enroll for the program but couldn't get entered because it was already sold out. The results are pretty remarkable:

    Percentages are for the Trained Group (196 students), the Control Group (226 Students), and the advantage the trained group has over the control group.

    Drivers Involved in Accidents_________________13.99%____26.11%______87 %
    Drivers Involved in severe Accidents * __________9.47%____18.14% ______92%
    Drivers Involved in Injury Accidents ____________2.88%_____7.52%_____ 161%
    Drivers Involved in More Than One Accident______2.06%_____4.42%______115%

    * Vehicle had to be towed.

    That's a HUGE difference, and it shows how valuable even one day of in-car training can be. This course works.

    Please, tell ya sistas, tell ya brothas, tell ya cousins...have them check it out.

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