35th Anniv Photo Challenge

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  1. OK, the weekend is coming up here in a few short days. So get your Mustang cleaned up, take it out and find some great photos opportunities, select a few favorites and post them here.

    Time to shine, drive, show and photo!!! Show us what ya got to be proud of!!!!
  2. I would love to, but the Mustang in hidden under a cover in the garage, and there is about 8 inches of snow all around. The car won't see the daylight until all the snow and salt is gone. Plus the car does not like the temperature to be under 65. That way it can go out topless.
  3. I have to wait also, The rain wont let up :(
  4. Well it's only 37 degrees this morning, a little cold to be washing a car by hand. So my photo session may have to wait a day. It is going to be in the mid 70s tomorrow!!!

    OK, on edit, they just changed the forecast for tomorrow. Now it says low 80s....gotta love Texas weather.
  5. Nice Weather Finally So here are a few pic IMG_0088.JPG IMG_0089.JPG IMG_0091.JPG
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  6. Very, Very nice. And such beautiful scenery as a back ground. Did you enjoy the day going topless? No tonneau?
  7. No tonneau as of yet , still looking for the right one , Hard to wipe the smile from my face all day yesterday :banana:
  8. I understand, I had the top down on mine yesterday when I went to go do the registration and taxes on my Nomad. Temps were around 81 and sunny, pretty hard to beat cruising around in those conditions. We have rain in the forecast for the next few days, but maybe I will get the opportunity to wash the GT before is sets in to raining first.
    FWIW: I really do like that Ford OEM Speedster tonneau cover. The factory boot looks more natural, but does take up a lot of space if you store it in the trunk.
  9. I'm hopefully going to wash/wax this weekend and take a few proper picts, this is from an iPhone a few months back.

    Really the only non-maintenance thing I've done to the car in the past year or two is the FR500s (anniversary wheels are safely stored in the garage).

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  10. Looks great.
  11. Finally the sun came out today. Took a few pic's of the stang today after work. Hope you don't mind one picture has my son's car in it, but the 35th is proudly up front. Can't wait until I can drive it more.
    DSC05583.JPG DSC05596.JPG
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  12. Here's mine, 24 k on her.

    Fyi I'm in buffalo and there is a red 99 coupe for sale on Craigslist with less than 6k miles for 13,900. What do you think of that price? image.jpg
  13. Thoughts on the tinted tail lights?
  14. I like the tinted tail lights , I am waiting for my pair should be here tomorrow , I bought them from custon auto lighting , they re O.E.M he tints them custon to what you want , Dark, medium or light , Full tint with backup light tinted, or clear , I went with medium full tint, he has nothing but raves about his lights , there not a film, kinda pricy, but they look great from what i have seen in pictures , i went with a smoked headlight also with 55 watt ac slim ballast H.I.D bi xenon , diamond white color 6,000, to counter the tint on the headlight, i like the Blacked out look, Yours looks great, will post some new pics soon
  15. I have the original tails self tinted ( bought from AM), pretty simple if you take your time.... image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
  16. They look good ,I like the looks, Better yet you did it yourself , some of the parts i have been findng from some aftermarket are kinda cheesy but what can you expect they all seem to be made in China, was the tint you did a spray on ?
  17. Its the vinyl stick on tint. Very heavy duty pieces. Cost on sale was $30, well worth it I think. Got from american muscle website