Photo - Steeda's Prepping For The 2015 Mustang ... Are You?

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  1. What kind of modifications would you do?


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  2. duck tail spoiler
    Black Roof
    grille delete
    Induction style hood
    underdrive pullies
    wide tires
  3. Replace the front fascia with something less "fusion", Tint the windows, cat back exhaust, cold air intake, better shifter and a tune....
  4. 1.5" drop, wider rims and tires, cold air intake, exhaust, gears,tune, forced induction.
  5. I like the look Steeda just gave is lowered, has wider wheels/tires, and who knows what has been done under the hood. That is one bad azz looking car. As always, I think Steeda has a winner. I am always torn between who does the better "look" for the Mustangs, Saleen or Steeda. Sometimes one, sometimes the other. I appreciate what Roush does to the cars mechanically, but I do not like what they have done aesthetically . Keep up the good work Steeda, I look forward to the finished product............or do you already have a car under development? I would guess so. In fact I would suspect you have had one for some time.
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  6. please please please design a front bmper cover that doesnt have the boy racer fog light area, i think that looks like arse
  7. Rear quarter window inserts to replicate 67-68 Shelby scoops (body color). The rear quarter window shape is the biggest disappointment to me-looks like so many other cars. This would immediately make the car look more like a Mustang.
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  8. I agree 100%.
  9. Thank you for the feedback ... we have some ideas already in the works and some products up our sleeves!

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  10. I have not posted much, but am checking things out each day. I like the look. The mustang looks sweet with the center stripe. Some kind of gold package should be developed with a black mustang. I love black and gold.
  11. Any updates with products you may consider releasing for the 2015? I know I for one am going to be looking to customize my new 2015 Mustang the day it hits the dealer lot. Please keep us in the loop for your new 2015 product line!