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  1. I neglected to apologize for making photos that are a problem to you.

    On third thought, :lol: ask your therapist to prescribe something to relax you; at this rate you'll wear yourself out in very short order.

    More problem photos:

    Toodles ... :nice:
  2. Photography is a fairly subjective field. Although there are loose guidlines/techniques, what one person percieves as a good photo, someone else may :shrug:
  3. Everyone's a comedian... :nonono:

    I guess I phrased it wrong. I don't have a problem with your photos. It was just a flaw that I thought could be fixed for future photos and yield better results.
  4. Looks as if someone already pointed out the flaw in your idea: it's as likely a choice as an error. Nice try, though.

    Photoshop been berry berry good to me:
    Last Saturday at the side of Ortega Highway. Looks pretty good with blue sky up there, eh? Principal compensation by courtesy of "Shadows/Highlights".

    Tip: Buy Photoshop. If you learn enough to make it worthwhile, there is no substitute. I got mine ten years ago for Student Price by enrolling in a local Community College PS class. $160 bucks then, and about the same for every-other update. I have had the PS3 version here in its sealed box for six months, I guess, but haven't taken the time to install. Maybe after I finish processing the hundred or so images left from this event:

    (Sticking fingers in ears in order not to hear "problem ... " as the critic confuses "flaw" with my artistic motion blur)


  5. pics to big

    not sure if this the right place or not but is there someway of making my pics smaller so theyll download as attachments thanks for any help:shrug:
  6. Ahaha
  7. thanks darkfire

    gonna check that out then maybe i can get a few pics posted
  8. Imageshack will automatically resize when you use them to host.
  9. If the file is massive, it wont upload.

    Powertoys from MS is by far the best option for resizing photos extremely efficiently and easily (from a Freeware standpoint)
  10. What an awesome article, thanks!

  11. that is completely false... you cant take a turd and make it into a diamond.. you have to start with a great shot to end up with a great shot...

    and STAY AWAY FROM FLASH if you dont know what you are doing, 90% of the time you'll end up with blown out highlights and harsh lights...

    now with that said, i shot this with my D50 with a 28mm f/2.8 and an SB-600 off camera with Gadget Infinity Triggers. used photoshop to get rid of the curb on the bottom left but not really anything else...


    im by no means professional but most people should stay away from flash if they dont know how to use it...
  12. white skies

    One thing not mentioned that will not only help to bring some detail back into those blown out skies, but will also allow you to control the reflections on the car's surfaces, and in the windows, is a circular polarizer. I use one quite often on car shots, and it's GREAT for removing unwanted reflections. Buy one if you don't have one, you wont regret it! (AND, it's one of the few filters that can't be replicated in Photoshop.)
  13. Wasn't a real good place for these, always wanted to do this with a photograph. After doing it, I found it wasn't all that hard.

    The project: Make the hood see through, keeping the lines and even some of the color but making the engine bay visible.

    I'm including the original two photos and my final product so you see exactly what I worked with.

    View attachment 312933

    View attachment 312934

  14. thats a kick ass photo Emay! i need to get started with photoshop and learn some of these tricks!
  15. Beautiful photo Emay. Nice job cloning out the passenger side prop rod. Can still see the driver's side ghost though. Wish I had your talent!
  16. Looks good. I always wanted to do that, too, but my engine bay is nothing special to look at. Good work.
  17. Never take a photo where you can see yourself in the reflection. Shady spots during mid-day can really show show off a nice gloss on your paint and even get the reflection of another object. Take the time to consider what will show in the reflected surface of your car.
  18. okay, so i looked at the prices of some of the cameras listed. and taking pictures isn't THAT big of a deal to me after seeing some numbers.

    I have a camera, but its not the greatest, and doesn't work all the time. its a 3.2 megapixel camera.

    best for money, what is available for around 200?