photochoppers in here, please

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  1. will someone please chop 03 cobra wheels on my ride? i have a chance to get a set of 4 for $400 and would like to see what they'd look like. thanks!


    my car:

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  2. Hell Paul..........for that price get 'em...............I think they look sweet:nice:

    you will always be able to re sale them for a profit.......
  3. i'm no photoshop god, but I do have this picture...might give you a general idea


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  4. Aaron.............that looks a lot like your car :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :D
  5. dont even think about them. they look GREAT on our cars....
  6. meh, decided to not get them. it was only gonna cost me a little to get the new wheels mounted w/ tires after i sold mine, but i've decided to put that into my explorer engine that's getting ready to go in in a couple weeks--enough with looks. thanks, though, guys.
  7. That aboy! Nice wheels, but gotta love the go fast goodies!
  8. umm i want them lol!!!!! i have a set of 17" wheels in my garage thats a steal lol
  9. hehe, yeah. i'm thinking i'll just sand down my black wheels and have them painted silver for now until i can afford some chromies after i get all the go-fast-stop-fast stuff in... possibly 18's. i love the deep dish, though.
  10. oh snap, i forgot you had the bullitts....

    keep those things man, they're pure sex on your car
  11. thanks, aaron, though the way the 03's look on your/michael's car make me want to get them for my ride.
  12. NOOOOO!!!!!! now i want them!!!!!11111suxorz11one!!!
  13. Stick with the black, they look good but the black looks better IMO.