Photos From My Trip To Get The '89 Registered:

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  1. I've lived in Florida for 3.5 years, but my '89 LX was apart for most of that time. Now that the '89 is pretty much done, I went ahead and registered it here in Florida so I could drive it on the street legally. The Weather Channel showed a 0% chance of precipitation on the day I chose to drive to the County Tax Office for the Out of State Inspection. Of course, it rained the whole way there and the whole way back. Murphy's Law, I guess. But I thought it was funny, so I took pics the whole time.

    Cruising down the highway in the rain. 40-spline spool + Drag Radials + Rain = Fun.


    Same highway, from my friend's car:


    Our destination! In Florida they call the DMVs the TAX COLLECTOR. That's amusing to me:


    It kept on raining while we were there...


    Here's the plate I ordered. I Support Law Enforcement! Hehe.


    Selfie at a red light on the way home. Funny Car Bars on the street. #NoWorries


    Passed this Prius on the way home. Bet he peed himself.


    That's it for now. Pics & Video of test hits are coming soon!
  2. Here's a video from that outing, which has gotten overwhelmingly negative reviews.

  3. That's awesome man! I love the box intake sticking out the hood, and how it chirps the tires easing out. I've forgotten what trans you are running? Looks great, sounds great! Did they raise an eyebrow at the Tax Office?

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  4. Hahaha nice

    "I'm a street car!!" ...anyone?
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  5. Can't believe I missed this yesterday... So awesome!

    I’m pretty sure 98% of the people who comment on youtube are the same ones who can’t formulate a logical “for sale” ad on Cragslist. You know, the guys who type out a rambling, illiterate wall of text, but fail to actually specify what model of car they are trying to sell. I especially love the ones who complain about losing 58 seconds of their life, or how you’re “waisting” their time, but it probably took them longer just to type out the comment.
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  6. you sir win! i pulled over and waited for it to dry up.
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  7. Thanks! When the lady checked the mileage on the odometer, she leaned over the door X bars, past the window net, and around the shift light to get a clear view of the odometer, and she said "oh my!" when she saw all of the safety equipment. I was super nervous and I didn't say a word. As you can see in the photos, I removed the parachute, parachute mount, 'chute release cable, and battery cutoff switch. I wanted it to be stealth. Well, as stealth as possible with an SFI 25.2 rollcage. :D

    ^^EXACTLY! I'm totally gonna make a spoof video of BoostedGT's famous "I'm a street car" video, but my horn actually works, so I'll point that out in the video. :jester:

    Thanks Nik! Yeah, I don't think those people really understood what they were watching. I mean, I know my friend should've used landscape mode and not portrait orientation on his phone, but it's not like I said the video was Hollywood quality. It's just a short clip of a racecar on the street. We'll do better next time. We're planning to record a burnout and a test hit on the street this weekend. Then at some point, I'll do an "I'm a street car" video, and possibly mimic the Dan Millen Burger King run. Fun Fun!
  8. :nice: I think the sight of the car rolling down a rainy street leveraged against the self portrait of you sitting wrapped in a F/C cage is just awesome. If you are gonna build a car, it should be built to drive first,... 25.2 certifiable Is just icing on the cake.
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  9. btw how did you get Ice T to drive your car? using it for law and order??
  10. ha ha ha that was ****ing great!! love seeing that badasss car out on the street!! just not in the rain
  11. Awesome.... I remember driving around town and a thousand horsepower renegade car quite fun.

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  12. I just spit my Ice Tea out....that was great.

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  13. haha ive joked with him about this before... he put up a picture on facebook awhile back and it looked just like IceT
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  14. It's midnight, wife and kids are asleep, I laughed out loud! :rlaugh:

    Thanks. Yep, I wasn't thrilled about the rain, but I had business to tend to, so I didn't let the rain derail my plans. I've actually driven the car in the snow before on DRs and with the ProCharger. After all, I can't continue to call it a streetcar if I'm afraid of a little precipitation. Amirite? ;)

    Yup! I made a couple test hits in Mexico tonight. I about died when it hooked in 2nd & 3rd. This car is A LOT of fun!! :flag:
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  15. Wow, Florida to Mexico, that was a trip... ;)


  16. Assuming you mean video of the test hits? Yeah, my friend recorded them on his cell phone, but he couldn't email the video over the cellular network, so he's supposed to email it to me from home this week. I'll post it up as soon as I get it.