40th Anniv Photos of your '04 Crimson/White/Black

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by sav0320, Sep 9, 2008.

  1. Yeah, only for the people that actually spent the $$ for the REAL 40th package.

    You know, that $895 option for the interior badge, Cobra mirrors, stripes, cloth top, floor mats, tan Bullitt/16" wheels...

    What happened to the old 40th section on this site?

    Mike's 2004 Mustang GT Convertible








  2. Gorgeous car! :hail2: You also have some great pics. You have skills with the camera for sure. I also checked out your link to your other pics. I love your Escort GT. I too used to have one. I regret to this day ever selling it. :mad:
  3. Thanks, that Escort GT has 37k miles, I have only driven it 120 miles this year so far.
  4. Mine had 35500 miles on it when I sold it. The person I sold it to trashed it. :notnice: It was Oxford White with opal grey cloth, 5 speed. It had the prefered equipment package, luxury convenience group and CD player with premium sound system. Mo power windows, door locks or moon roof. It was an awesome little car. I wish I could find one that was young and in good shape because I would buy it.
  5. I ordered mine with radio delete, making it the only car with it's chosen options. (loaded w/ manual and no radio). Confirmed this with the Ford build data. Dropped in a few audio components...Rockford Power subs, two big Rockford amps, MB Quart 6.5" front and rear with the rears mounted in small enclosures I installed behind the rear arm rests. Kenwood head (now Alpine) and a sweet Alpine 3342 EQ/DSP with the display/controller hanging from the rear view mirror (sold the 3342 a while back). After 13.5 years, it still rocks in the current configuration.

    Ordered it on 1/24/95, got delivered 2/24/95. I spent mid-winter break my senior year of high school in 10-25F temps ripping out the whole interior, building sub enclosures...Fun stuff!