Photoshoot / Cruise - NC fellas..

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  1. I wanted to let everyone know about a cruise in / free photoshoot I ran across on I'm going to post this in the Southeast section also but since it's focusing on 99-04 I figured it'd belong in here as well. I'm going and so far he's saying 30 other cars. Should be a nice cruise, especially if the weather is anything like it's going to be this weekend (mid 70's). It's Jan. 26th at 6pm. Let me know if anybody from here is going.
  2. only if my car had the engine in it..
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  3. Hmmmm, sounds like fun. Let see what the "Ball and Chain," has planned for me that day!
  4. Only if they don't care if aero SN-95s go.... :(
  5. Man, you have a clean ass ride, I'd defenitely bring it if it was mine. I'm not sure why he wants 99-04's but I know there will be other years there.

    UPDATE : BTW I spoke with the guy a little bit ago, and he said he's cool with whatever wants to come out.
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