1. great pics!!! car looks soooo nice in them pics!! love the macro close up shots!
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  2. Hey John No whiskey?....lol..I see you everyday...lol..havent taken the stang lately.Just got mine back on the road...should see me in the mornings again.

  3. definitely taking car this week to work maybe tue or wed as for Whiskey ive had events lined up last 4 weekends in a row i was at etown sat and sun for nationals Whiskey is a possibility this weekend or maybe we can take a ride north sat to Rose Hill cruise nite event on HP forum been there couple times cool deal plus u will get to meet some hp guys... sorry for thread jack
  4. doesn't bother me any pal ! and thank you for the compliments !

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  5. jeff have u ever gone to Whiskey Cafe for cruise nite http://whiskeycafe.com/ be cool with are three red foxes there let me know if you wanna go
  6. I have been there last year the last time I was there I seen your car ! I just went last week ImageUploadedByTapatalk1370299618.216341.jpg

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  7. Mine is kinda Pink right now...LOL...needs to be buffed out from the winter. Its an old single stage red paint..so it would be 2 red one pink? :rolleyes:
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  8. yeah but that turbo says you are allowed to be pink if you want
  9. LOL...Yeah i guess...Did you take yours Today I did....lol..Im looking into a taller tire i have a 26 inch on there now want to go 28 inch tall...62 mph is 3000 rpms Good old 3spd....lol...Car is way faster with the trans tho...if i have to go far i will trailer it....Looks like im telling my wife we need a trailer now...:rlaugh:
  10. Ahhhh I told ya about that good old 3 speed ... just think the money for the trailer and trans setup could've put a Len tech or a Freddy brown AOD with od in there :)

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  11. Nah...lol...i have 4 other cars i can trailer so to me its just a benefit...LOL...i wouldnt trade the C4 for anything not the way this things moves out now compared to the Heavy AOD ....Yes sure its better to cruise around with an OD but for all out racing and performance this ROCKS.....I can always go Back to an AOD If i really get tired of it....lol and if i want to cruise and do some nice 3 digit speeds i take the 300...:D
  12. 62 mph is 3000 rpms ouch! you can always just take your time keep it 55ish atleast no tickets ......i do like having 5th gear 62mph i dont think im doing 2000 rpms then my 4th gear is good for a buck 20 for fun!
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  13. Or i can do 3.08's lol....that will lower it down some and Turbos love a load....that might help me more....hee hee
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  14. what's in it now ? my buddy's notch that we worked on had 327s with a c4
    and it moved out

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  15. 327 or 308 FTW!!! it would definitely help your top i sometimes wish i had 355 instead of 373 its not that my car needs more top just could use less on bottom!:burnout:

  16. Sorry Jeff didnt mean to Hi-jack your thread...i think pretty sure its 3.55's Oh the car moves trust me...it take my breathe away when getting on it in second going into 3rd...I just mite want to go down a lower gear they say turbo cars love a small gear loads them up....Oh ive only had it up to about 4500 rpms...maybe 8 psi..lol..i run 14 psi...cant wait to unleash it,JUST no room at all on the streets ....lol Plus this car is so LOUD when is boost....

  17. are u goin to whiskey this sat cause id love do a couple rolls to see how my car does against yours

  18. I think im going ..weather permiting..You can try my 300 ?..LOL...i might not take the mustang it needs a full detail it looks horrible...maybe if you take your car to work one day i get out at 3....i live right in South Plainfield...

  19. ha ha nah i wanna try the turbo car be a nice notch on my belt with a NA car
  20. Lol...yeah...dont under estimate the little 302 powered turbo tho....I really have no idea what it should run in the 1/4 i get so many different answers...Oh the 300 isnt slow ....hee hee..not stock either...