1. oh im not under estimating turbo car must move nice thats why id love to try it...oh sorry jeff for the massive jack!! lol

  2. Ohhh ok...lol...you will win i get no traction....even with the M/T dr's well at least without heating them...did you run your car?...im sure its fast...Sorry again Jeff...
  3. Hey nice pics, maybe I'll see you guys down at the Whiskey again and get these fox's lined up down there...try and compete with all the brand new cars. Haha
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  4. im in be cool having a line of foxbodies!! as long as it dont rainout lol i never register for show there and usually dont stay to the very end but i will guarantee that if we all bring our foxs there will be a crowd checkin our sheot out!! FFTMFW!!
  5. Yeah sure would mine being the worse looking one..LOL....i got to see if i can get it detailed in time for Saturday if not i might take one of my Wifes car or my SRT8....at least its American....lol

  6. comon bring the fox paint dont look that bad
  7. Probably gonna rain this Saturday anyway, bring the Stang down next Saturday.
  8. Yeah if i get it cleaned up some i will bring it for sure..John its that bad...trust me....i just havent had the time to get it in the body shop plus i want to finish all the motor stuff and roll bar,sub frames etc..before i do the paint...