Photoshop '05 Pics

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  1. Heres my first... Will add more...

    I changed the burgundy to a "RED"


    It will take me a little longer to get the other colors since the lights are on in this pic and plus color reflection on the side mirror. I may just go ahead and paint the side mirrors anyway.

    ps. please go right ahead and add your photochops as well to this thread.
  2. I was just thinking today that the burgundy was nice but I would like to see it in real red.

    Thanks and good work!
  3. "White"

    "Legend Lime Gold" tried to get color as close as possible...

    will add more tomorrow...
  4. Nice job on the GT500! The scoop looks much better than the rear side window.
  5. Damn, the Bullitt and Eleanor or friggen hot!!

    I just upped the .psd for photoshop of the high res image I'm using. You can download it by right clicking on the link below and selecting "save as"

    I already have the hue and saturation lowered in a layer that you can just duplicate to make changes. and if you want to tinker with the saved selection it is there as well by selecting "Load Selection" and from the dropdown select "body" to get the selected outlines.
  7. :D :D :D :D oh yeah!!!

  8. I like the GT 500, that won rocks! Nice wheels. :nice:

    You ever think Ford would look at your pics and get some ideas? :D
  9. did another one...
  10. Hopefully the aftermarket on these new stangs will grow quickly. I would love to see some hoods, real dual exhaust kits, and maybe a different grille option.
  11. [​IMG]

    maybe someone can work on fixing the side louver or give me a photo of one because what I had to work with over on these pics at this site didn't help much for doing the side louver. the angle was just all wrong.
  12. The Mach1 is amazing :hail2:
  13. The "Eleanor" GT500 PS pic is amazing! Good job..Thank you!