Photoshop Help Please

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  1. I was wondering if anyone with photoshop skills could help me out a little. My 85TC right now is a 2 tone color, red on top gray on the bottom. I'm looking to get the trim and the bottom of the car painted to match the top(red) part of the car. Also if possible could someone add 03 cobra wheels to it and I know Im probably stretching it now but also a set of welds too?? I dont know how much time consuming or difficult this is so if anyone can help I would definatley appreciate it. I just want to see what it would look like before I dump the money out to have it done for real. I know theres a forum down below for this but since its not a mustang I doubt I would get much help. Thanks in advance

    heres probably the best pic to work with

    heres another which is a solid side shot but it does not show the true color of the car IMO, it looks too dark

    Thanks again :nice:
  2. leave the car like that, it looks great!
  3. not the greatest but i tried :shrug: sorry its kinda small had to reduce the size
  4. Cool thanks thats what I was looking for and if someone could throw some wheels on there that would be great but the paint is what I really wanted to see. Thanks

    MSM0075- thanks but I just think it looks too dull like that. After I wash it the top part is clean and shiney but the bottom just looks too dull to me. A set of nice wheels may help that but I think I'm gonna spend the extra $$ and have the bottom done too. Ill also be retinting the windows after this semester since Im transferring colleges. The cops that patrol the area my current school is in are pretty strict with tint.