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  1. I need your assistance guys. I'm going to pull the trigger on getting my horsey painted. I'm going from black to the same red as on the 93 Cobra. Vibrant red I believe it's called. I need someone's help to photoshop my ROH wheels on the red car.
    Here's two pictures, hopefully there's an expert on this that can help a brother out. Thanks on advanced gents! image.jpg image.jpg
  2. Well done

  3. thanks bro! i had to help hes painting his car one of my favorite colors
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  4. Thanks a million!! I love the black, but red on a fox hands down has been my favorite. I talked to the guy painting my car today, 3 coats of red and 3-4 coats of clear. Tear down, prep, final cost $3,000. The only thing not getting painted will be the engine bay. That will get done once the motor comes out. But for now I'll have a shiny new red car to drive all summer. Thanks again for doing that for me. Love it !
  5. I like those wheels on it but i really like the black too, but get what you want, you're driving it :D

  6. I also like black only second to red, you might wanna look at the pics in my photobucket i have a red fox with black engine on pic in sig if interested
  7. Love it, I think I may just leave the engine bay black.
  8. Nicely done, very cool.

  9. thanks! yeah im happy with it, you have a superclean great looking hatch keep us posted with your changes good luck
  10. Thanks brother! And will do.