Photoshop requests in here...

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  1. A few photoshop requests.

    To all you photoshop gurus, a few "modest" requests. First, Could someone do an '05 minus the wing and fog lights in aqua, with silver bullitt rims and the concept hood.

    Gulfstream Aqua :drool:

    Also, I'd like to see a few different hood styles. Standard hood scoop similar to the current/69 GTs, a shaker, maybe some reverse scoops like the 68 GT and 03 Cobra.

    Thanks! :flag:
  2. ok, challenge for you talented Photochopers

    Someone do a vert. Come on, I know you can do it. :p :nice: :flag:
  3. In the interest of saving bandwidth (incase you haven't noticed SN is slow as crap) I have merged both photoshop threads into one. Please keep all requests in here.

    Thank you
  4. I know it's not what you asked for but I figured I'd save space putting my photochop in here.. For those who dont like the new design how's this?

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  5. how about a 2005 with the 2000 cobra R front splitter
  6. Where is Vyto when we need him? He already had one of Chazcron's renders done up with the 2000 Cobra R stuff on it.

    I still can't believe how dead on Chazcron was with those renders.
  7. Compliments of Vyto2

  8. Here is my version of an old favorite, I may be doing my ride similar to this.

  9. photoshop fr500 wheels anyone?

    anyone particularly skilled in the photoshop area able to put some fr500 wheels on the 05 gt, preferably silver but red is ok too...

    much thanks in advance... :flag:
  10. Not perfect but to give you an idea....



  11. Hmm is it just me or do the rear portions of these cars look alike?
  12. I would like to see a Competition Orange w/ black stripes and black bullitt rims.

  13. Have there been any words about the Cobra yet?
  14. Yeah it will be around in 2006. Other than that its mostly speculation.
  15. hey thanks a lot for the work, it looks fantastic :flag: :flag: :flag:
  16. That is, in my opinion, not at all what I'd like to see. 1978 called, they want their 280Z back
  17. I love how someone can come to this forum and totally belittle someones hard work and effort.

    Nevermind the fact that the guy has spent hours on end trying to come up with rendering of what possible new models would look like.

    I suggest you try to do better before you knock someone elses work.
  18. Yep, you're right. That was a little harsh. Vyto, God love ya for your hard work. I apologize. But I stand by my 280Z comment
  19. sweet pictures.... would love to see more :hail2:

    now how bout that vert :nice: