PI Heads,PI cams,PI manifold and gaskets for sale

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  1. Here is a ROMEO PI SWAP kit. The heads,cams and manifold came off a 04 gt with 40,000 miles, i bought a head changing kit from summit that comes with the head gaskets,Exhaust Manifold Gaskets, head bolts, and oil dip stick and the rest of the parts i bought from Tousley Ford. I will take or obo for the PI SWAP. I planed on putting this on my car but after i talked to Bardon at Mo's Speed shop i think im going to go another route with my car. Everything is in good condition.

    PI Romeo Heads with Cams
    PI Intake Manifold Assembly

    Upper Plenum O-Ring – XR3Z-9L437-BA – (1 o-ring)
    Thermostat O-Ring – F1VY-8255-A – (1 o-ring)
    Water Pump O-Ring – F1VY-8507-A – (1 o-ring)
    01+ PI Intake Gasket – YL3Z-9439-BA -(1 each for a total of 2) – or Fel Pro – MS-92121
    01+ Cam/Valve Cover Gaskets – F6AZ-6584-AA (RH) and F6AZ-6584-BA (LH) – (1 each)
    NGK TR6 Spark plugs
    Also needed are valve covers, cam gears and injectors as i was going to use the parts off my 97 gt.
  2. Come on guys i need this kit gone. I will negotiate on the price make some offers
  3. i just got a set of pi heads and intake. maybe interested in the gaskets and other misc. if you are willing to split this kit up. let me know
  4. sorry man i just want to sell it as a whole
  5. let me know if you change your mind
  6. PI Stuff

    Will this work on a 97 4.6 or is it just for the 99+?
  7. Yes it will work on the 97 i bought all this stuff to put on my 97 gt but need the money to help pay for college. If you are interested i can send you more pics just pm me
  8. New price $800 shipped
  10. only have heads,cams and intake manifold for sale
  11. Everything is Soldddd
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.