PI Intake/Cam install problem

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Dusstbuster, Sep 23, 2006.

  1. :lol: lucky dad. i carry a small tool kit in my trunk for "just in case" purposes :thumbsup:
  2. fixt. postwhore :notnice:

    Thats pretty funny Dusstbuster, but you're lucky your dad did that for you. He probably figured if he didnt come, you would push your car out into the middle of the highway and wait for an 18 wheeler to take it out :lol: Like I said dude, the coil packs could stand to be replaced w/ secondary resistances of 15+K-ohms, but the main thing is the damn car runs and thats all that matters now. The 4.6 is known for crappy idle quality, I know my car has it on and off, it's really weird. Sometimes I can sit there and it feels nice and smooth, other times the car vibrates a little.
  3. Man that is great. Now that you mention it that should ahve been one of the FIRST things to suggest. I had a friend who swapped a cam on his LT1 car and had rough idle issues. Someone suggested he check the wires but he swore he had it right. Finally he checked them after a week of banging his head and sure enough he had swapped 2.

    That's how it is though...usually something simple that makes you slap yourself.