PI Intake on 5.4?


New Member
Nov 3, 2020
I think the fuel injector issue is only a problem on the earlier, round ev1 style injector. I'd think it would run great with a pi intake manifold from a 4.6. At the rpms a 5.4 makes it's power, going to short in runner is just going to kill power where you will be driving most the time. You could always go the P71c1 route and cut up a Victor Jr as well.
I was wondering if you or someone else has any experience with the 4.6l pi intake swap to a 5.4? I recently purchased the 4.6-5.4 intake adapters and have the newer skinny injectors but I’m in a 03 F150. Only reason being is ford stopped manufacturing the 5.4l manifold due to the manufacturing covid supplies and no one has a new ford style manifold and Don’t want to wait around for the golden “99 5.4l pi intake” to pop up on eBay. Pic n pull gets robbed before the vehicles even enter the yard. Junkyards don’t know if they have a 98 or 99 nor can they tell the difference from F150 and a pinto. So I’m resulting to a 4.6 truck or mustang intake. Thinking of the GT 4.6 pi manifold because it doesn’t see to have that much shorter runners looking at the two. They seem pretty close. So any advice would be greatly appreciate it!
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