PI intake swap question ( again )

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  1. I heard if you swap the pi intake for npi, you will have to drill and tap another hole for the sensor.

    What kind of sensor is that, and where to drill and tap it ( can some one show me the pix where to drill and tap it ).

    Should I use npi gasket or pi gasket ?

    Can any one post the torque spec on each bolt please.

    Do I have to run high octaint since this is pi intake ?

    How do you flush the coolant, and how many gallon do I need ?

    Since RandyStinchcomb is on vacation, he will be back in 2 week, I cant wait that long ( sorry man ). I found a PI intake local, what other part do I need for the swap. Can any one give me the name and part number so I can order form ford dealer. Thanks[/QUOTE]
  2. dunno about the sensor, but for a gasket I would use the one for pi as the inlet holes are slightly bigger.

    as far as using higher octane, your not changing you compression so why would you need to. if you had your heads worked or cams then yes.
  3. also fel pro part number for your PI gasket set is ms-92121. I just did it.
  5. How to write-up form dustbuster:


    Link for quote below...
    Above is a copy and paste from another site but it gives you the info you need.
  6. modular depot (without spaces)
  7. The part that is circled in yellow should be tapped to the same specs as the hole being pointed to by the arrow. The hole is 3/8-18 NPT...I had a shop do it for me since I probably would have cracked the aluminum or something trying to tap it myself. Make sure you get all of the aluminum shavings and whatever out of the coolant passage with compressed air or whatever before you put it on the car. Aluminum chunks floating around in your coolant is a bad bad thing.

    Use a PI gasket, use a small amount of RTV around the water passages to prevent coolant leaks.

    Refer to my LAST post in this thread (LINK), it has all the links working properly. Stangnet blocks any links to modular depot because they got butt hurt or something and don't want people going there. I have links to the torque specs for everything you'll need there.

    No, you only need to run high octane if you do a headswap. Only other reason you'd need to run high octane is if you had it dynotuned and the tuner adjusted your timing drastically. You would know if they had done this as they would have told you.

    Crawl underneath your front bumper on the passenger side. On the bottom of the radiator you'll see a little knob, place a 5 gallon bucket underneath there and unscrew the knob til the coolant pours out. Buy straight coolant from walmart (hopefully you have an empty coolant bottle laying around...) and then fill the empty bottle with 1/2 coolant so you have 2 half full bottles of coolant. Top both off with water so you have 2 50/50 mixed coolant bottles and that will fill your system.

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  8. I heard that if you have 02+ PI intake then you dont have to drill and tap the intake right ? I have the 04 pi intake.

    Why so many people tell me to use NPI gasket, even randy gonna sell me the kit with NPI gasket . what the different ?

    If I want complete flush the coolant, do i have to crew 2 bolt on each side of block of engine ? or just do the radiator is enough ?

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  9. Not sure on this one. When you get the manifold look and see if there are 2 threaded holes on the crossover (like in the picture I posted, 1 hole where the arrow is pointing and 1 hole where the yellow circle is). If there are 2 holes you're set, if there aren't you have to tap a hole in that spot.

    I used an NPI gasket. The reasoning is that the NPI gasket fits the water ports but doesn't match the air ports on the new manifold. NPI gaskets require RTV around the air ports so you don't develop a vacuum leak. PI gaskets require RTV around the water ports so you don't have a coolant leak, yet the air ports fit the PI manifold and are bigger than the NPI ports on the head so there MIGHT be better airflow. It's really up to you I guess, in hindsight I'd rather have better airflow but whatever you decide is fine.

    That I'm not sure of. I've never done a FULL flush...I believe there is a place where you can hook up a garden hose and turn it on and wait til the water flowing out wherever it exits is clear...not sure though.
  10. Since randy going to vacation unitl 13, I cant wait that long, any one knew where i can get these part.

    *NPI intake manifold gasket: XW7Z-9439-AA
    *Thermostat housing o-ring: F1VY-8507-A
    *Heater/coolant tube: XR3Z-18B402-AA
    *Water pump nipple: F75Z-8555-AA
    *Water pump o-ring: F1VY-8255-A
    *Alternator bracket: 1R3Z-10153-AA ( I have the 2004 bracket, is that ok ? )
    *Thermostat housing bolts: N811011-S309

    BTW Dusstbuster, I read your faqs and you mention I can get these part from steve. How do i contact him ? thanks
  11. The parts you can get from a Ford parts store but they may not have them all in stock. If you can't get them all you may have to wait.
  12. They quote me WAY too much for those part $150+. I guess I have to wait.
  13. You have to tap it for an 02 PI intake. I had to have my 02 intake done.

    Tap PI intake - 3/8-18 NPSF with Pipe Thread. Same tap as passenger side coolant sensor, so you can tell your machine shop to match it with the other side.

    Put thread sealer on the coolant sensors.

    No need for extra octane. Running 87 is fine.

    Torque intake to 18 ft. lbs in torque sequence.
  14. 01+ PI Intake Gasket – YL3Z-9439-BA -(1 each for a total of 2) – or FelPro – MS-92121
    Alternator Bracket - F8AZ-10153-EA – 96-98 with PI Intake/Al. Crossover - (1 brkt)
    Coolant Tube – XR3Z-18B402-AA - (1 tube)
    Coolant Nipple – F75Z-8555-AA – (1 nipple)
    Upper Plenum O-Ring – XR3Z-9L437-BA – (1 o-ring)
    Thermostat O-Ring – F1VY-8255-A – (1 o-ring)
    Water Pump O-Ring – F1VY-8507-A – (1 o-ring)
    Stock or 180* Thermostat – 3L3Z-8575-AC (192*) - (1 t-stat)

    That should cover you...

    As for the alternator bracket:

    1999+ have 2 bolts to bolt down on the alternator at the top to the bracket and 1996-1998 back only have 1 bolt and 1 bolt hole, so for a 1996-1998 the correct alternator bracket part number is F8AZ-10153-EA for the intake with the aluminum cross-over. If its a 1999+ intake and a 1999+ alternator, then the 1R3Z-10153-AA would be the correct bracket part number.
  15. In the time Im waiting for randy back ( the 13th ). I have the 2004 intake with me right now, it is dirty and grease, what can I use to clean it up good before I put it in ? thanks
  16. So I got 1998 with 1998 alternator then I should use bracket F8AZ-10153-EA right ?
  17. Get some Simple Green to clean up the intake.

    As for the bracket question...yes.
  18. Yep, 96-98 GT's with a PI Intake (aluminum crossover) reuses there stock alternator, so you use that part number bracket - F8AZ-10153-EA.

    A machine shop can hot-tank/vat the intake for around $15 dollars and it cleans it inside and outside. If you want to save a few bucks, use some simple green...works fine.
  19. Where can I get simple green from ?