PI intake swap question ( again )

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Killa, Aug 1, 2007.

  1. Is that the only place that selling the adapter ? Do I have any hood clearant problem ? what gasket do I need to use ? thanks
  2. HPS teamed up with THR (they sell the Hardball'r intake or whatever :shrug:) so you can buy it from there aswell.

    The Livernois package is a great idea, just the cost is too much in my eyes.
  3. is this sound like headgasket ?

    car run fine until its warm up, and loose alot coolant. when coolant full it run fine. I havent change the oils after put new intake in yet, cause I want to know what cause the car loose so much oils first. before my next oils change. Any one have any ideal why I loose so much coolant in very short amount of time ? thanks
  4. Any body ?:(
  5. if you just get adaptors , you have to find longer bolts yourself and buy gaskets yourself , and it will not clear a stock hood without milling the intake down , the livernois kit comes with everything needed and will clear a stock hood .......not knocking HPS that is a great price and if you dont mind finding longer bolts and dont have a stock hood it looks like a great alternative to silicone so I dont know why more people dont use these ....
  6. get some adaptor plates ....
  7. I email the HPS and they told me that, the adapter will only raise 1/4. Any one here have exper about this adapter ? Will felpro gasket work the same as ford gasket ? thanks
  8. Randy are you still here ? Im doing the PI intake swap again ( dam it done twice and it still leak ), this time Im doing with the adapter,

    How much for set of PI gasket ?
    How much for a set of fuel inject 0-ring ( 1998 ford mustang GT )

    any one know how to remove the hat on fuel inject, so I can replace the 0-ring ? thanks.
  9. felpro gaskets will work fine , you dont have to remove the hat to get the Orings off , you can get the Orings at advance or autozone too if you can get someone to actually open up a paper catalog to look it up LOL .....
  10. I guess I didn't really follow completely but did you ever figure out what was causing your massive coolant leakage? Did you do a compression test to make sure it isn't the head gasket (even though I'm certain it isn't)?

    When I was having problems with coolant blowing through the RTV I finally just bought like 12 quarts of super duper cheap off brand non synthetic oil and changed it after each try.
  11. Are you guy sure felpro gasket work fine ?
  12. Ford gets gaskets from Felpro so I would assume they are probably the same gaskets ......
  13. I read some where that nipple( coolant tube ) from 98 is same as 99+ nipple ? cause I dont really know how to take out the water pump and take that nipple out.

    Just order felpro gasket ( black with red rubber ) look like its very good quality product.
  14. The water pump just needs to be unbolted and pulled off.

    You then hammer out the nipple by tapping it towards the front of the engine from inside the lifter valley (what the plastic intake sits over).
  15. See post 53...
  16. Can I remove the water pump without remove the pully ? cause I remove the betl and the intake and alternator, before I support to loose the 4bolt on the water pump, thanks, How many gallon of coolant do I need to fill up the engine.
  17. No...the pulley has to come off. When refilling with coolent, fill at the thermostat housing until full. The replace and run it for a few minutes and refill. Then fill the reservoir.
  18. How can I keep the pulley moving, while im trying to remove 4 bolt that hold the pulley in place ? thanks
  19. Did you sort out the o-ring and water pump nipple? And having read this thread, I don't have a warm fuzzy that you did. If you did not, you are still going to have a leak...