PI intake swap question ( again )

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Killa, Aug 1, 2007.

  1. I never replace the nipple ( I have 98 so its the same as 99+ do dont have to replace the it ) or the water pump 0-ring. But this time I would like to replace them, cause they came as a kit.
  2. You should have the belt in place to help hold the pulley but you will also have to wedge something against the pulley to keep it from moving. I used a big screwdriver and held it against the block to keep the pulley tight.
  3. I loose all 4 bolt, and cant get the water pump to loose, any trick ?

    I use the breaker bar and accident break one, of then side of water pump, now I dont care wat it take to take out this water pump, please let me know, thanks

    and one more thing about coolant nipple, im i support to get a socket that fix on that nipple and hammer it ?

    when I take out the intake I saw a plastic and cover a big hole, its right under the intake ? what that big hole for ?
  4. I got the water pump and coolant nipple out.

    Is felpro had 2 different part # for 99-2004 ? cause 99-00 is same part # and it diffrent from 2001-04 part number ? I have 2004 intake, should I go with 2001-04 gasket ? thanks
  5. still running into massive of coolant leak , even with the adapter ? I change the oils and it look fine.
  6. What if I want to swap in a PI engine, its a easy swap or its not, what part I need to use to make my 98gt work with PI engine ?

    How hard is to change out the head gasket or PI head swap thanks.
  7. My last change is throw in a bottle of gasket repair before giving up hope on this old stang, ITS ****ING WORK , NO MORE LEAK, NO MORE SMOKE, CAR RAN strong as hell, now I can drive it every day, and dont have to borrow my dad car any more. :D