Engine Pi Swap Questions

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  1. OK I'm sure this has been covered a million times so I'm sorry but I have some questions.

    I have been in talks with a guy on corral about buying his PI swap stuff. I have a 96 GT so it's a Romeo engine. He says his stuff came off a 02 Crown vic sport and that it's a Romeo as well. I have looked over some swap info on here and I wanna make sure I'm figuring all this stuff right and getting all the right stuff.

    I know I will need new headgaskets. I seen these listed in a thread on here so was gonna go with them http://www.summitracing.com/parts/FMS-M-6067-D46/

    I also know I will need a new timing chain cover gasket set but there is a couple different ones. Can anyone tell me which one I need?

    I know I will need new valve cover gaskets, intake gaskets, water pump O ring, and thermostat o ring

    I have read about needing to swap cam gears and valve covers but I shouldn't have to do that correct?

    Another thing that confuses me is all this talk of needing a new alt bracket. My intake had the alum crossover and I didn't see where that stupid bracket even bolted to the alt. My alt bolted to the engine.

    I believe I will need a new coolant pipe that goes into the valley and new nipple. Any idea what they cost?

    I also read something about a crankshaft seal?

    Am I missing anything? Trying to figure out a cost estimate cause my other option is not doing the swap at all. However when I bought the car the PO told me it had a slight oil leak that was not fixed by changing the VC gasket so I'm thinking it might be the headgasket anyway so I'm torn
  2. You do need new head gaskets and exhaust manifold gaskets, but, contrary to popular opinion, you do not need new head bolts if they haven't already been reused before. However, if buy just the gaskets from a local parts store, it's only going to save about $10. So that kit you posted is probably your best bet (and it's FRPP, which is good).

    Here is the timing cover gasket set that motor will need: http://www.oreillyauto.com/site/c/d...024_2108&keyword=timing+cover+gaskets!s!seals However, unless they are torn or damaged somehow, you don't have to get new ones. I did when I did my motor swap, but that was only because one of them tore when I was taking it apart.

    Same thing goes for the valve cover gasket. I've actually reused mine 3 times now with no problems.

    You will need new intake gaskets (for a PI engine, obviously. http://www.oreillyauto.com/site/c/d...2108&keyword=intake+gasket&pt=02293&ppt=C0026), and it won't hurt to replace the water pump nipple o-ring and t-stat o-ring.

    So long as both motors are Romeo (which they are, from what you posted), the valve covers are interchangeable, as are the cam gears. However, the cam bolts are not. IIRC, the NPI motors use a 12 mm bolt to hold the sprocket on, while the PI motors use a 10 mm bolt. If he gives you cams with the gears still bolted on, I wouldn't bother changing them. But if the cams he gives you don't include the sprockets, you'll need new bolts for them (should be able to figure out which they are with a search).

    You can see the bracket in question in this thread: http://www.stangnet.com/mustang-forums/threads/99-01-pi-to-pi-intake-manifold-swap-writeup.785868/ However, your alternator is from your 96 (I'm assuming), which requires a different bracket F8AZ-10153-EA. However, you may be able to drill the stock one, I'm not sure.

    You will need a new coolant pipe. The P/N is XR3Z-18B402-AA. I did a quick search, and CJ Pony Parts has it for $45. You may can find it cheaper looking around or going to a local parts store and getting them to do a cross reference on the Ford part number.

    I've always heard you need the coolant pipe nipple, but I'm still using the stock one with no problems. :shrug: The part number is F75Z-8555-AA, and CJ Pony Parts has it for about $10.

    The crankshaft seal is included in the timing cover gasket set. I never could figure out how to get mine out, so I left the stock one in and haven't had it leak a drop so far.

    Also, if you look around, there used to be kits sold that had all of this stuff in one big kit (PI head swap kit, or something like that). I don't really know if anyone still sells them or if it's really even any cheaper.

    Here is an awesome PI headswap write-up that should be able to answer most questions you'd have about the actual installation process. http://www.stangnet.com/mustang-forums/threads/pi-headswap-write-up.717166/