Engine Pi Swap Ready

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Jhussey1280, Nov 12, 2012.

  1. I did my swap just over a year ago. The basic answer to your questions is yes, but there are a few other things I would recommend. I used that same Ford Racing kit when I did my swap. I purchased the new FRPP PI heads, but kept the PI cams that came in them, so I am not sure what else you would need with regards to the comp stage 2 package. There were a couple things I did on top of that you may want to keep in mind:

    1). Since you will have everything off the front of the motor, look at putting new timing chains on, and possibly new tensioners if needed.
    2). Don't forget to drill and tap for the second coolant sensor on the PI manifold. I took mine to a good machine shop and it only cost me $30.
    3). I also purchased a PI headswap kit off Ebay which was great. It came with new injector gaskets, mounting bracket for the alternator, coolant tube, and a few other items that will make the swap much easier.
    4). Make sure you get the timing done correctly. I know this sounds elementary, but especially with your comp cams, you don't want to bend a valve after putting in all the time and money.
    5). A little more money spent to do it right the first time, will cost you less in the long run. Since I actually took the motor out of my car, I replaced all the gaskets, rear main seal, pilot bearing etc. I'm not sure if that is the route you are taking, but just my .02.

    I have enjoyed my car much more since the swap so good luck.

    1996 Laser Red GT Conv. - PI swap w/ FRPP heads, BBK x-pipe, Maganflow cat-back, CAI, 70mm tb, H&R SS springs, tokico blues, MM cc plates, steeda triax, X2 balljoints, bumpsteer kit, 93 octane tune, 17x9 & 17x10.5 chrome bullitts.
  2. Sweet thanks for the extra tips! The timing chains and tensioners were changed about 3k miles ago so they sould be good, but everything else sounds like a smart think ahead move. I appreciate the info thanks!