[PIC] Auto trannys never looked so good!

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by thinkalert, Mar 8, 2004.


What'd-ya think?

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  1. What'd-ya guys think? I just installed my new UPR auto shift knob bundled with the leather boot I picked up. It took a little while to get everything off, but I think it was worth the time. Plus it's got the auto shift pattern on the top of the knob!
  2. Looks good :nice:

    Do you know what you are in any other way than memory/ feel?
    Did you move the OD button?
  3. Shifting

    Feeling it out is really easy... down 1 to back up, down 2 more and away I go! Plus, the pattern is on the top of the knob. The overdrive button will be next weekends project.
  4. That looks :nice: great! Much better than our George Jetson Look!
    If you hava an Auto do the Jerry Mod! It costs about a 1/3 as much as your shifter!
  5. Jerry mod

    Man! - I'm looking for info on the jerry mod right now?! I'm searching through the posts and can't find anything on how to ACTUALLY do it.
    Help out a college student who wants to chirp his tires w/his auto!
  6. What's a Jerry mod?
    Where did you find that shifter?
  7. That looks really nice. How much did it cost, and how hard was the install?
  8. thx! honestly, it wasn't really cheap or easy.
    shift knob - $64
    leather boot - $25
    Removing the trim bezel, and torx screw wasn't too bad, but removing the stock auto shifter was a pain... hard to slide off. From there it was down hill. It was a 1.5 hour job; but I'm not exactly a fast worker!