Pic of Cobra R wing on convertible

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  1. I really don't know where to start.. I'll start off saying I sold my Mustang because it was a hassle to drive. Having to watch every GD bump in the road, transmission f'ing up every now and then.. It just wasnt worth my time. I didn't buy just any Focus, it was an SVT. I never, ever said those pic's were takin at my friends house.. They were takin at my parents house. I sold the SVT to buy a MINI, for one, it's not a Ford and second, it's not a domestic. You can say F you, or go away because I said Fords suck. I do like Mustangs and I'd love to get a Cobra someday. Now you're probably wondering why I bought the MINI, the Focus went gay after only 3k miles. Gauges stopped working, needed a new clutch bearing or some BS. It had been in the shop 8 times for the gauge problem, I was fed up so I got a good deal on a trade. 30.Annive- are you jealous or something?? You seem to be the only one that didn't like me or my car?
  2. so u just not goin to college now? or yur parents payin for all yur cars?
  3. Im working now. And I payed for the car's on bank loans. It's really none of your business. :nice:
  4. StangV6- Bummer on the Focus there bud. Too bad you swore off the Focus cause that RS8 looks wicked and would tear up most of the V6 stangs. Mini's rock, but what made you decide not to get the Cooper S?

    edit: Doh! Read it on the other post, it came down to the $$$'s
  5. so Stangv6 did you have a cobra r wing on your vert and do u have pics still?
  6. Hey buddy, calm down. the joke about you not being the brightest is a joke i'd make about anyone who got rid of a mustang for a focus. it was just a joke. and i did like your car, when you had all of the R stuff on it, i wasn't a fan of the Black widow crap you put on it. I NEVER had a problem with you dude. so calm down brother.