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  1. Im lowering my car and i need to see some pics of some cars so i can decide how low to go. Tell me how low you went please. Im going to cut the springs so info on that can help too.
  2. why cut the springs? Ford C springs are cheap enough, and won't make your car do the ricer hop over every bump.
  3. if you get c-springs you will cut 1-2 coils off eventually
  4. H&R Super Sport springs


  5. Just get some Eibach Pro for a lower stance or H&R SSs for a slammed look. Either one new shocks and struts is highly recommended.

    Here is mine on Eibach Pros with 18" Saleens to fill it out nicely:
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    And here with 17s just so you have an idea:

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  6. I'll see if I can dig up some pics of my H&R Sports
  7. ambo i like......whats youre full setup........(size of saleens, tire size, what kind of springs? and do they rub)?

    thanks in advance
  8. Hmmm...those 17s looks better than I thought. I'll definitely consider the 18s as more of a "final" upgrade.

    BTW, when I'm thinking lowering, am I right to consider all of the following?

    • springs
    • shocks and struts
    • caster/camber plates
    • read lower control arms

    If so, I'm going to need to do some more financial wizardry... :D

    Actually, I was considering the FRPP "G" springs, which are basically the convertible version of the "C" springs. Since they don't lower quite as much, could I get away with not doing the cc plates and LCAs?
  9. only diffrence in the G and C is the rear spring rate i thought.
  10. my 2000 GT with generic springs from ebay (~$100 shipped). They sold them as an Eibach Clone...


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  11. [​IMG]


    I know it has camber in the front, that is because I just headed off from an autocross event. THe car is on Steeda competition springs and bilstein struts, but not for long :D
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  13. AmBo, Are those 18's 9 and 10.5? They look great with that pro kit.
  14. Sportlines....and the bullitt package of course


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  15. Eibach Sportlines,with maximum motorsports c&c plates,and spring iscolators.
  16. Here's the info on stangsuspension.com...

    C: Spring Rating: 650 lb./in. front - 200/300 lb./in. rear (equal to our popular Steeda Sport Springs) Lowers car 1.2 inches front, 1 inch rear

    G: Spring Rating: 425/530 lb./in. front - 225-325 lb./in. rear (very close to Eibach Pro-kit specifications) Lowers car 1.5 inches front and rear.
  17. Ford C-Springs

  18. eibach sportlines front (no isolators)
    roush springs in the rear


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