Pic of lowered 99-04

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  1. MM Coilovers:



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  2. H&R Sport with 18's


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  3. offtopic is it hard to install springs?
  4. Hey bud. The saleens are 18x9 and 18x10 in the rear. Tires are KDW2s 275/35/18 in the fronts and 295/35/18 in the rear. The springs are Eibach Pro. No rubbing at all. :nice:
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  6. Would be SO hot if he painted the chin, got 01+ smoked headlights and kicked the spoiler back 3". :nice: :p
  7. Ford C Spring

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  8. H&R Supersports


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  9. Forgot to subscribe, so I must bring this thread back to say thanks :D
  10. mity2's car = sex
  11. In the sig. C-springs with rear isolators removed.
  12. Former owner did my Suspension a week before I bought it
    I love it other than it's a royal PITA to get a jack under it, (or my fat ass)
    and it bottoms out TOO MUCH. I cant go over a speed bump without dry docking it on top of it, and on a few ocasssions I've hit a wacky dip in the road and bottomed out BIG TIME at high speed (@&$%(@$%(@)$^%)@

    BUT it handles awesome, takes the bumps soft and easy, and actually does a nice Hop Free Launch (more like a ROAST, hehehehe)

    I have:
    Tokico Shocks & Struts, Ebiach Springs, Urethane Body Bushings, & Caster Camber Plates




  13. For those of you with csprings, did you cut the rear? Mine looks like stock height, and it's been several months of settling in.

    I make it so that the rear coil points toward the drivers side correct?



    I'm pretty happy with the front after I removed the isolators, but it made the rear sit up another 1/2 inch or so :(.

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  14. steeda sports w/ stock shocks and struts:




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  15. Def. still looks pretty high for springs....
  16. i think my shocks and struts are on their last season to be totally honest...~86K on the clock
  17. my 02'.