Pic of lowered 99-04

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  1. I'm about to be dropped 2.6/2.3. Should get my springs in a few days. :D
  2. DSC02513.jpg


    does the rear look too high for c springs?

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  3. it has one mean stance i like:nice:

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  4. i've never seen c springs in person... but it kinda looks like you only put springs in the front... the front looks good but the rear looks stock height to me... it does look aggressive... but i don't think i would do that to my car.

    i mean... compare it to dr. devious.. the black stang. (granted that its a drop-top) thats a big difference between yours

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  5. I love your car.
  6. I used Sprint springs on my old mustang. Rode OK, but way too low in my opinion (I scraped on EVERYTHING!!!). I don't have this car anymore, but I found some old pics on my hard drive.

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  7. i've seen you post pics before, i have the same springs, but have always been jelous of the way your car sits. looks sweet! :hail2:
  8. That car has always been one of my most favorite GT's :hail2:
  9. All of ya'll with C springs..........How much are you cutting off to get your look? What shock/strut combo are ya'll using?
  10. Mine with Mach 1 shocks and struts and Steeda Sport springs. About a 1.25 inch drop.


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  11. H&R Sports:



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  12. Are those 17's or 18" and what shocks/struts?
  13. facebookstang.jpg

    H&R Super Sports with MM caster / camber kit and Tokico HP shocks / struts.
  14. How rough is the ride? Would you recomend it for a DD? Looks damn good though with the rims!
  15. The ride on mine isn't terrible. It defenitely is stiffer than stock but the increase in handling was worth it. The bumps hit a bit harder and with the Roush front I tend to scrape going in some driveways. For me, it was worth it. I love the way it sits and handles.
  16. H&R Super sport springs, was scraping at times with the 17's on it, but with the new wheels it no longer bottoms out

  17. Sorry for the late reply: 18" replicas on HR supersports with bilsteins from MM
  18. H&R "Race", no iso's, 17" FR500

  19. H&R ss springs with Tokico blues wrapped in 01 Cobras.

  20. [​IMG]

    Bilstein Shocks/Struts, MM Panhard Bar, MM Lower Adj. Control Arms, H&R Springs, MM C/C plates, and Full Length Subframe Connectors