pic of my new tattoo...

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  1. i got this about a week ago and didnt get my camera out until today, so i figured i'd show everyone. i drew it myself, it's supposed to be a spark plug, and the green **** behind it is supposed to be a bright blue, but all the color fell out when it peeled, so i have to go back and get it touched up. anyways, what do you guys think. once i get back from my trip im going to try and plan out a half sleeve with all hot rod stuff in it. (i already have an old school v8 emblem tattooed on my back) so yeah, how do you guys like it. lol sorry for the pic quality. and my farmers tan:)

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  2. cool...I want to get a tat but can't think of one I really want
  3. Same here, I change my mind too much
  4. A buddy o' mine has the 25th Anniversary Mustang logo on his left shoulder. Looks really nice, pretty much a timeless piece of art ... well, unless you wind up hating Mustangs at some point later on in life, for whatever silly reason...

    My view on tat's is that they're okay, as long as they're not stupid trendy things or anything that you might wind up regretting due to turns in events later on. People who get these stupid emo stars and band names and "Death From Above! Kill 'em all, let God sort 'em out!" crap just look like total hosers when I see them 20 years later in a hospital bed, all wrinkled up and unable to so much as wipe their own butts.
    "Yeah, gramps, you're lookin' really hardass now, boy."
    And I'm looking forward to laughing my head off at all these stupid chicks getting those bullseye tat's above their buttcracks (and especially right below their navel, where everything inevitably stretches and looks horrible in time). Imagine these gals staggering around the nursing home with a hospital gown on, and that split up the back reveals a nonexistent pruned butt with a melted-looking bunch of faded ink above it with something moronic like "Heartbreaker" written in cursive above her crack with hearts and vines and stuff around it. Ugh ... I shudder at the thought.

    On the other hand, old WWII vets with the old-school sailor tat's still don't look all that stupid for some reason. They just look ... old. :D
  5. Ill have you know i had a star tatooed on my arm before this whole scene emo trend came out.. And you tink a spark plug isnt going to seem stupid in 10 years.. LOL :rolleyes:
  6. I have no tats... but I have thought of getting one about a 5.0 and somethign to do with the US Flag.... possible an idea I have thought of is a "5.0" filled in with the stars and stripes.

  7. LMAO, just....yeah

  8. I have two, I like skulls and always have so I got one one my upper left arm and I designed another one for my upper right arm, it's kinda hard to explain what it looks like, anyways I got them for me, I don't go around wearing tank tops and everything to show them off, they are part of who I am in fact many people that I have know for years don't even know I have them, I'm actually going tonight to talk to the artist about doing another one of my designs on my back.....

    But basically get what you like, not everyone will like it but that's life,

    And I don't know why but they are addicting!!!
  9. That's so......... how you say?..... morbid.

    I love it.


  10. I have a thing for skulls too. And tattoos. I have 2. They're not skulls tho. :shrug: :(
  11. My only tat as of now. Im looking at getting the 25th Anniversary Pony emblem done as well. Just dont know where I want it and how big.

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    Ill probably get something like this but without color.

  12. That chick withe the pink toenails has some sexy feet :nice:
  13. haha ill let her know ;)
  14. I have 2 for now, one on my back of the Canadian flag and a beaver (cause that is my nickname) and one on my shoulder in memory of a good friend that passed back in july.

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    try and get a pic of the other one and put it up as well.

    I want to get one or two more, but it is true they are addicting once you get one.
  15. Heres my 2 tattoo's. I am going to be adding to the skull eventually. Gonna have a Japanese snake around it with smoke background. Luckily I have a VERY good artist 10 minutes away, he's just always very busy. www.horifudo.com is his site.

    I love tattoo's. Japanese mytholigical art, skulls, demons...
  16. talk about a farmers tan lol
  17. heres mine

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    i got it about 4 months ago, supposed to me more shading and i need a few lil things touched up... the guy i think did a pretty ****ty job on the shading... gonna get it fixed up next month