pic of my new tattoo...

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  1. Like this one?

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    I've been thinking about getting something like that on my right leg
  2. hahaha what do you have???
  3. i dont know who you were talking too, but im pretty sure i didn't say anything about your little star thing, so i hope that wasn't directed towards me
  4. Nah, it was towards me. I dunno, maybe yours is of a different design, but all the folks I see nowadays sporting those star tat's are usually emo kids and/or Hot Topic worshippers. I still wonder how all that's gonna look about 10 to 20 years from now on those people, and what kind of cover-ups they can get done to make them not stick out as much ... maybe make them into Dallas Cowboys logo tats, instead...? :D Besides, they're usually inked in the same design as a lot of these corporate logos that are all in and popular now, but likely won't even be remembered 10 years from now. What's that one company with the crooked "F" and a star integrated into it that I keep seeing on all these wannabe honky "gangsta thugs" roaming the malls and streets? Is that a clothing line started by Kevin Federline? :)

    Spark plugs aren't trendy. They've been around at least since, what, the early 1900's? And unless electric cars suddenly become a total replacement for gas or hybrid engines, I don't see that fact changing anytime soon, either ... and even then, it'd still be cool in a sort of "Retro" fashion sort of way.

    Tat sleeves are cool when they're done up right, but I see so many of them that're just a bunch of random crap thrown together over time that totally don't tie together at all. Spider webs and skulls and hearts and stars and baby rattles and cursive script and ... well, whatever. But if you get something that flows all together in a cohesive artistic theme (probably best to get it all done at once), then you've got something worthwhile.

    The dumbest tattoo I've seen in years was that sported by a guy my sister almost married. Some dweeb convinced him to basically use the back of his neck as an advertising space for his tattoo parlor. That, in itself, is stupid; what's worse is that six months later, that guy's tattoo shop closed and now the guy's stuck with that stupid bit of inked advertising on the back of his neck. (To his credit, he did have a pretty groovy pic of Bub the Zombie from Day of the Dead on his leg, though - really detailed and exact stuff, good art even if you've never seen the movie.)