PIC REQUEST: Deep Dish FR500 Wheels / Cobra R Hoods

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  1. Hey guys,

    Usually I am hanging out in 5.0 talk, I've always been a Fox guy, though I like all Mustangs and have owned a 97 Cobra. I have come across a laser red 94 GT for sale for a great price. It kinda makes me not want to let it get away, even though a Fox is what I have really been looking for. Conventional wisdom would say to buy it and buy it quick, but because it is not what I had my heart set on, and does away with some of the utility of a hatchback fox, I'm not getting excited even though its a GREAT deal.

    Basically I know that SN95 cars can look pretty amazing with just a few light mods, so I would like to see some sharp SN's especially those rolling on Deep Dish FR500's or Bullitts, and some with Cobra R hoods.

    Make me want this car!!
  2. thats what i'm going to do when i get money. getting tired of my 03 cobras and want wider rears.

    look through the sticky thread at the top.
  3. I'll pic whore a bit...

    17x9 and 17x10.5... 275/40/17 front and 315/35/17 rear...

  4. *Whoring* *whoring*

    18x9s 18x10s 95 Cobra R hood


    yay :D
  5. WOW that looks great. What springs er on it?
  6. Dayum Hanky, that is sweet!

    I was checking around at rims last night and figure a set of those in 18x9 would be cool.
    Anyone got pics of a set of those on all 4 corners?

    Has anyone run 275s on all 4 corners?

    I am not sold on the staggered sizes front to rear. To clarify, I don't want that for MY car.
    It does look great, but I am shooting for nice and simple on mine.

    Where does one get a Cobra bumper cover for the front?

    Thanks guys.
    I intend to watch and see what else gets 'whored out' in this thread.;)
  7. The reason we run staggered is because the shape of the Mustang body is such that stock wheels or even 9" wide wheels still appear to be set in under the car too far. The staggered setup fills the wheel well and gives that muscular appearance. You can run 275's all the way around if you want to, but what is the sense of spending the $ when for a few dollars more you can have the awesome staggered look. Trust me, I ran 10.5" rear wheels on both my 97 Cobra and 03 GT, I would never go any other way with an SN95.
  8. Although you can also run some spacers in the back to use the narrow wheels with the narrow tires and brign the wheels out to the lips... but the easiest and best looking is to go with a 10-11" wide wheel in the back...
  9. Those are actually pretty old pics. I run the rear wheels with a 1/2" or a 5/8 spacer now...I can't remember. They sit near flush with the wheel wells.

    I run sportlines/agxs....with the rest of the supporting crap.

    I'll have some new pics after I get done with my blower install ;)


    *quick video* ....and yes my narration is lame haha.

  10. i figured why not, let me get down as well! LOL

    no cobra r hood, but i do have a 96-98 cobra hood with 18x9, 18x10 FR500s with 275s up front and 295s out back :nice:

    and figured id show off my custom center caps :D
  11. Heres mine with 18x9 and 18x10 saleen rep. wheels, running 265/36 up front and 295/35 on the rear, and cobra r hood.
  12. Take off the light covers....get some smoked headlights from blue oval and :drool: its perfect!