Pic request for cobra inserts..front bumper

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  1. Hey guys wondering if you could take a second and put up some closeups of the cobra insert after install. I'm wondering how the fit is in relation to the bumper..if it looks clean or miss fit? Any experiences good or bad also appreciated.
    Thanks D.
  2. These are the closest two I have. I really like the look. The fit is nice. I didnt have mine blended in, some people have the seam filled in so it appeared to be all 1 piece with the bumper cover, but I am happy with it. Mine is from Blue Oval Industries.

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  3. I have no pics of anyone's but I know some people who have them REAL closely installed, and unless you know what you're looking for it's tough to notice the seams.

    Psst - do it :)
  4. thanks guys...appreciate it very much :)
  5. just go to corral they had a whole 5 page thread about that mod a while back and most of them got rid of the "seam"
  6. i think your copying me, what color is that anyways?
  7. so you have to cut your bumper? i dont like that for some reason : (
  8. I'm not very good into body work or anything but i put mine in myself and I think it looks good
  9. That copy hangs on my wall right next to my car in the garage..I see it daily my buddy...PROUD TO BE CANADIAN!!
  10. dsc007420cy.jpg

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  11. dark shadow grey? what brand looks real nice
  12. If your asking about mine. Its Tangerine Pearl Metallic, the Dodge color GoManGo. Paint code PVE. I like it, although being in South Texas, everyone thinks its UT orange.
  13. yes its dark shadow gray metallic and it's a cervinis insert thanks for the compliment!