Pic Request: Fox Body with 17" FR500 Rims

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  1. If you guys own a fox body with 17 inch FR500 Rims or know someone that does please post pics.

  2. Very nice! I might have to consider that If I get another 5.0
  3. Yeah I was goign to get a set for my 88 lx but then I sold it and bought an 01 gt. then sold that and bought a 88 coupe...... now I want my 01 gt back and the 88 lx. as well as keeping the coupe....... If I keep at it I will need a storage area for my cars.... hmmmmmm nix the pool get a hanger installed......
  4. anymore?
  5. Some of those pics are totally 18's.. Just sayin.
  6. "Novi357" went [email protected] in the quarter with 17" FR500s with 275/40-17 DRs on his coupe. Car is BEAUTIFUL.

  7. My car. 17x9 up front, 17x10.5 out back
  8. I'm glad to see this thread, I just ordered a set of silver FR500s yesterday. Now it seems to be a PITA to find 94-95 spindles.
  9. The red one with the heat extractor hood is :drool:
  10. that red one is awesome. whos is it, i want to see more. and what size tires is everyone running up front? im planning either the anthracite or silver fr500s. cant decide.
  11. How much beating and fender rolling did you have to do to get them to fit? What size are the rear tires? 315/35/17?
  12. epiks got one
  13. Yes, 315/35/17, a lot of pounding and rolling. It wasn't easy and I will never do it again. For a straight line or show car this set up is fine. I rub in the back if I take a corner too fast. Speed bumps are fine, but the bottom of steep inclines also cause me to rub. I could possibly roll/flair the fender a tad more but its going to take more than a baseball bat to do it.
  14. P8012893.jpg

    17X9 & 17X10.5
  15. who owns the maroon one with the heat extractor hood? and what size tires is everyone running up front?
  16. Not sure who owns the maroon one,that is an old pic. Its been floating around for at least 5 years.
  17. 90notch_5.0 what size front tires and what brand? im trying to see what may work with those rims on my 89.
  18. 245/40/17's and 275/40/17's on mine.. I have to replace my front tires though and just picked up some kumhos brand new for $100 but there 235/40's so I have a feeling they will fit fine but look stupid
  19. 275/4017 Sumitomo and 315/35/17 555R out the back