Pic Request: Fox Body with 17" FR500 Rims

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  1. I know this is an older thread but Im going to bump it anyways...

    Is it possible to run exhaust tips with 10.5's/315's or is there no way it could work?
  2. I run them no problem.

  3. I run 17x9 ROH ZR-6 w/ 245-45/ZR17 tires w/ no issues. Also lowered w/ "C" springs. I believe you will need to remove your quad shocks with those tires. Anybody?
  4. what a pile :D

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  5. FR500's are where it is at... If I go five lug on my fox, these are what I will be going with for sure!
  6. Hey Flossy I have been to Chico before.... Had to do a service call out there and then went and ate at Sierra Nevada Brewery.... good place to eat!
  7. DSC_0008.jpg





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  8. That black on black hatch was my inspiration to go five lug. I was going to copy it, but then I fell into my Bullitts for dirt cheap.

  9. You think with a smaller tire this would work out? like a 285? or would that look bad on a 10.5? And would a fender roll and minimal beating with the stock length axles and proper spacer if needed work? Sorry for all the questions, just been eying those exact wheels for awhile and haven't seen anyone running them. Nice car btw.
  10. 285 is really too small of a tire for a 10.5" wheel. I went with a nitto tire as they tend to actually run a bit smaller. My 315 is actually closer to a 295 in say a Michelin or BFG. I run a 1/4" spacer on the rear, fenders are rolled and the tubs have been beaten as far as they will go. Thanks for the compliment. The car is really super rough. Pics make it look 100x's better than it actually is.
  11. Still, Its what made me wanna do my car white with black fr500s or 03 cobras. And you think yours is rough......