Pic? Silver stang with Grey stripes

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  1. I finally have the 67 on the road which I have been building for my wife for the last couple of years. She wants some stripes painted on the hood/roof/trunk. The car is silver metalic. We have been looking at colors and she wants black ( which works fine), but I was thinking maybe a grey color, maybe a medium grey shade. Kind of the subtle approach. I have been searching for a picture of this color scheme, but nothing so far.

    Anyone have a picture of a car with that color scheme?



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  2. Or an opinion on which color choice.
  3. Great looking car, your wife should be thrilled with it and you should be very proud of your work. Regardless of the color stripes you choose (I think a darker gray would look nice) I don't think traditional stripes that go over the whole car, look "right" on a coupe. If I were putting them on, I would stop short of the front edge of the hood by about an inch, then run the front stripes back to the cowl, stopping about an inch short of the windshield trim. Do the same at the rear on the trunk, and don't stripe the roof or the front and rear valances. I've always thought this would look better if I ever painted stripes on a coupe since the coupe roof and trunk doesn't have the natural "flow" as a fastback. Look at '60's Camaros, they have similar, non-fastback roof and trunk lines and that's exactly how they do it and it looks great.
  4. Thx Zoo. Funny, I had almost the exact same conversation with my paint guy last night! I'm dropping it off to get painted on Monday morning, so I have the weekend to decide.
  5. That looks sweet, please reconsider the stripes.
  6. here's what I did... I went to loacal Pep Boys and Advanced Auto and picked up a few spray cans of duplicolor touch up paint in colors I was considering. Picked up some steel scraps from my local steel fab shop (they allow dumpster diving) but anything that will hold paint will do.

    paint a few samples in the base coat of your choice, i.e. in the silver the car is now, then lay out and spray some stripes in colors you are considering... for me it helps a great deal to see the colors layed out. I probably tried 8-10 different combinations, but as soon as I cleared the one sample I knew it was 'the one' for me with exactly the look I was going for.

    for me, the $ investment in sample paint gave me great piece of mind in knowing I picked the right colors I wanted.

    edit to add: with silver base I would look at white, black, metallic black and charcoal, but the sky is the limit. I've also seen red and blue stipes on silver cars... it's your (wife's) car so do whatever you like.
  7. What I did was cut freezer paper 10" wide and painted it with black and some other shades of gray, then laid it out on the car hood and roof. Both the charcoal gray and black were on top, the other were easy to rule out. We ended up with black. I dropped the car off yesterday morning. Should have it back tomorrow if all goes well. I will post some pics when I get it back.
  8. Back from the paint shop. I ( we) are very happy with the final look!


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  9. You, sir, have found the right woman.

    The car looks amazing!
  10. That is beautiful.

  11. I think it looked better before. Did you use the Shelby specs for the LeMans stripes?
  12. Can you please post a pic from the rear as well.
  13. Yes, I will take a pic from the rear tonight and post it.

    So far, I am very happy with the outcome. Tons of compliments, in fact it is a completely different car now. Yes, i know, it is not "original", but considering this was a 6 cyl car, that I converted, there is not much orignal anyway.
  14. Car looks beautiful!

    I'm putting a Silver Birch Metallic paint on my '68 in the next few weeks. With that base, the sky is the limit on what colors/designs/stripes you can add. Personally, I'm looking at the black C stripes, but if I had a different year, I would seriously consider something a little less conventional.

    Nice job!
  15. Sorry about the pic that is flipped 90 degrees. When I view in photobucket, it is correct. Hmmm

    Anyway, yes, I did use the shelby stripe specs for the width.


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  16. I think it looks great.
  17. I would have gone with a sky blue color, but you made the right decision over there. She is a a beauty!
  18. I'm just wondering why stop the stripes at the trunk?