[pic]What Engine Do I Have

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  1. My buddy gave me a 429 out of a '71 T-bird, but I was looking at the block and saw this:

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    This was cast into the front left side of the block and it's cast in backwards (the photo is correct). Did 429s have this cast into the block? I'm almost 100 percent sure it was the original engine in the car - I saw the car he pulled it out of...
  2. they all have that, kinda like 390's have 352 cast into the front of the block. I just got done disassembling a 71 460(for sure). I think the crank /rods/pistons are the only differences. My pistons actually had C8VE 460 cast into them, they may have all said that though.

    check out 460ford.com for all your big block data, awesome guys and lots of knowledge.

    EDIT. My block has that cast into the drivers side by the timing cover, and it is not cast backwards, it reads left to right. hmmm... Let me know if you need any pictures.
  3. 302 coupe is right , the blocks are the same. Your crank should have 4U or 4UA cast in if it is a 429 crank. If it is 460 crank it will begin with the number 2 or 3 with several letters after.